Chapter 177 – You Want to be Roasted or Stewed? (1)

    Chapter 177 - You Want to be Roasted or Stewed? (1)

    Note : Ning Xuemo is such a rogue. XD

    The moment the little child woke up, he found himself tied up like a dumpling to a large stone.

    Ning Xuemo tied people up quite professionally; it was a standard Five Flowers tie[1]. Not only were all of his limbs restrained, even his fingers had been restrained. Now, he couldn't even move a finger much less make a hand seal.

    Ning Xuemo sat not far beside him. A fire roared in front of her, and the light from the fiercely burning campfire flickered on her small face. As if noticing he had woken up, she turned her head and smiled. Under the moonlight, four of her white teeth could be seen shining. "Little guy, how do you want to die? Do you want to be roasted or stewed?"

    The little child didn't struggle. He was silent for a moment before speaking, "If you're roasting, the nutriment would be lost. If you want to stew it is more nutritious, but you don't have a pot."

    Ning Xuemo "..." His words were true.

    But this little child was a bit too calm. Was he that sure she wouldn't kill him?

    She was rather unhappy. She walked over while playing with the blade in her hand. "The nutrition from roasting is a bit inferior, but it's much better than not eating at all. I'll simply truss you up and roast you. I once roasted suckling pig before; the smell was very appetizing. The taste of roast ginseng spirit shouldn't be too inferior to that."

    The little child pursed his lips and didn't say anything.

    Ning Xuemo squatted down in front of him and used the blade's handle to tap his body. With a smile and a benign countenance, she spoke, "How is it? Do you have a better idea? If you don't, then I guess I'll be happy to decide for you."

    That child stared at her with his pair of deep blue eyes.

    Her large eyes shone with light as she stared at him smilingly with dimples appearing on her cheeks. She seemed honest and sincere with traces of youthful innocence. However, her true self was a crafty little fiend.

    This small child's eyes were too profound, like the unpredictable deep sea. The short moment when Ning Xuemo's gaze met with his, her heart skipped a beat. With a cough, she hurriedly shifted her gaze.

    She slid her blade along his little face. "How about I first cut off theses two lumps of meat on your pretty face and try to roast them?"

    The child's expression was like a deflated balloon when Ning Xuemo's blade came very close to his face. Subconsciously, he tried to dodge it but failed. Instead, her knife accidentally sliced his cheek, drawing a few beads of blood.

    Ning Xuemo was slightly stunned before she hurriedly moved the knife away...

    If such a pretty face was disfigured it would truly be too horrible to look at! 'I have sinned!'

    The little child didn't seem bothered by the wound on his face. A hint of laughter flashed past his eyes. It was incredibly faint, so faint that even Ning Xuemo who stared straight at him failed to notice.

    "Young lady..." He opened his mouth and spoke frankly. "If you let me go I can escort you out of the 9th mountain."

    "Who would believe you!" Ning Xuemo sat down. "Last time you said you wouldn't run, but the moment I take my eyes off you I couldn't even find your shadow, and you even ended up scheming against me!"

    "Last time was because you were too bold and took too many liberties..."

    Ning Xuemo also finally thought of that time where she patted his apron and unintentionally patted his private parts...

    She coughed and then made a smile that showed she didn't give damn about it, glancing at his lower body with a no good expression. "You little pipsqueak, do you have the right equipment to talk about taking liberties? That thing of yours... isn't it just the size of a bean sprout?"

    The little child, "..."

    'This girl is too shameless!!'

    He lived for so many years, but this was the first time he had seen a little girl with such a thick face.

    Ever since he had met this little girl, it seemed he experienced many things for the first time.

    [1] It's one of those numerous binding technique or way to bind people. It's mostly used by police force in China to restrain people. For more info, click here.
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