Chapter 178 – You Want to be Roasted or Stewed? (2)

    Chapter 178 - You Want to be Roasted or Stewed? (2)

    It was the first time that someone had broken through the formation on the lake, as well as his first time being captured by someone. Furthermore, this someone was an untalented little girl...

    He had experienced many storms yet he hadn't expected to sink in a drain...

    Putting aside everyone else, even he felt it was ridiculous.

    He shot a glance at her. For the sake of tricking him, this little girl had really put a lot of effort. Even now, her forehead had a green bruise around the size of a chicken egg which was rather scary to look at.

    Fortunately, the little girl really liked being neat, so all traces of blood had been washed away. Her whole face was white and clean so it was rather pleasing to the eye.

    "As long as you don't try anything funny with me again, I won't run. Without my help, you won't be able to leave the 9th mountain. At the latest, once dawn comes, you'll be exposed to all the magical beasts here. At that moment, even if there are ten of you, you will be torn to shreds. They won't be as courteous to you as I am."

    "You're being courteous to me?" Ning Xuemo snorted in laughter. "You released a tiger and a wolf on me!" If it wasn't for the fact that she was clever enough to avoid it, she would have been torn to shreds by that green tiger a long time ago.

    "They wouldn't really hurt you." The ginseng child spoke slowly. "Take a look at where your leg was bitten."

    Ning Xuemo lowered her head to look at the spot where the wolf had bitten her and was suddenly stunned.

    The injury inflicted on her leg by the wolf's bite had been dripping in blood just a moment ago.. She was certain there was an injury because she treated it herself.

    However, for the treatment, she only stopped the bleeding by applying the ointment she made herself on the wound.

    Although the effects of the medicine she applied were amazing, it wouldn't be able to make her wound disappear in the blink of an eye. Right now, there was not even a single wound, let alone any traces of bruising. The pain had disappeared as well.

    "Earlier what magical technique did you use to scare me?" Ning Xuemo asked in a good mood while pulling down the cuff of her pants.

    It appeared that this little brat didn't mean to take her life earlier.

    The child didn't reply to her question. He merely said a sentence, "Do you believe me now?"

    "You didn't harm me earlier, but it doesn't mean that you wouldn't do so now. You're very cunning, so I'm not feeling reassured." Ning Xuemo replied bluntly and clearly stated her apprehensions.

    'This girl! Aren't you also crafty?!'

    The little child pursed his thin lips and said in a weak voice, "There are still six more hours until dawn. After six hours, the restriction field surrounding this place will disappear. If you cannot believe me at that time, then you can stay here and be eaten by the magical beasts from this mountain.

    'There's a restriction field here?!'

    Ning Xuemo couldn't stop herself from looking around. The lake was like a mirror, reflecting the shape of the surrounding mountains, and adding to this the reflection of the full moon, the sight was beautiful like a fairyland.

    Every since she entered the lake, apart from the sight of the fantastic landscape, she did not see any sign of magical beasts. The place did not seem very dangerous. 'Can it be that the reason for that is due to the restriction field?'

    "This restriction field was set up by you?"

    The little child closed his eyes and ignored her question.

    Ning Xuemo pondered. Suddenly, she came close to him and carried him. "Let's go down the mountain right now!"

    In the end, she didn't feel at ease with that little boy.

    'Does he have a method to deal with the various magical beasts living here?'

    Then, she would just bring him with her along the road, and if they encountered any danger, he would probably tell her on his own.

    "Little child, at this moment, you and I are on the same boat. You can't run away from me, and I also can't leave you behind. You must tell me if we run into danger. Otherwise, if i'm eaten by the magic beasts, you will become their dessert." She carried him while taking large strides along the lakeside toward the smallest mountain.

    The little child, "..."
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