Chapter 179 – You Want to be Roasted or Stewed? (3)

    Chapter 179 - You Want to be Roasted or Stewed? (3)

    The little child, "..."

    He leaned on her bosom while still being tightly bound by the Five Flowers tie, so their position ended up being somewhat strange. However, he didn't seem to mind it and only examined her. "Are you always this distrusting of others?" This little lady was abnormally cautious when dealing with others.

    Ning Xuemo slightly pursed her lips. Working in the secret service had caused her to be unable to trust others aside from herself and her close comrades.

    Because the price for easily trusting others was only one word: death!

    The little child's lips lifted slightly as his gaze focused on her face. "A young mistress from a fallen marquis' house that doesn't usually step out of the house. I wonder where you got this wariness from?"

    Ning Xuemo's shoulders stiffened slightly as she stared at him. "You know my identity?!"

    The little child replied rather casually. "Yes."

    'How did he find out?!'

    Wasn't he a ginseng spirit who lived deep in the mountains?

    Suspicion flashed in Ning Xuemo's eyes. The child seemed to have noticed her doubts as his eyes vaguely curved upwards. "Didn't you believe that I am a ginseng immortal? Since I'm an immortal, naturally I would be able to divine this out."

    Ning Xuemo smiled wickedly. "Then can you divine when I'll put you in a pot to stew?"

    The child "..." He shut his mouth.

    Although Ning Xuemo was carrying someone, she was still walking quickly since she was escaping from the mountain to preserve her life.

    Hiking and climbing mountains were her specialized fields. The trees on this mountains all seemed to be trees that grew in the south. Its trunks were thick and solid with enormous treetops, and there were countless aerial roots hanging from the treetop, boring deep inside the trees like countless rain dragons breathing out water. A sight to behold!

    Those gigantic trees looked almost the same. They all have big leaves that looked like hands with every leaf growing upward. The density of the leaves was fine, so when the moonlight shined down like water flowing, the light sprinkled on the leaves, making the leaves speckled in a faint silvery light from the light reflection.

    Along the way to the small mountain top, Ning Xuemo trekked among those close and overgrown huge trees. The feeling that she seemed to be walking in a big forest of hand trees was indescribably weird.

    "What are those trees?" Ning Xuemo asked. The vision of all those leaves shaped like hands made people feel terrified.

    The child's long eyelashes slightly lowered on his face. It seemed as if he was already asleep and didn't have any intention of replying to her question from the start.

    It looked like that brat was still angry at her because she didn't untie him. She was peeved.

    She no longer asked him and continued onwards.

    Fortunately, although those big leaves were rather strange, they didn't show any further oddities and didn't seem to exude poisonous gas. In addition, they didn't seem to be man-eating trees either.

    Below the big trees, there were rugged mountain stones that looked like shale. There were layers upon layers of it spread everywhere. It wasn't very comfortable walking on such stones.

    In fact, Ning Xuemo became somewhat bewildered. On high mountains, usually there would be needle-leaved forests, especially those that specifically grow on such stones like pine and cypress types of trees.

    Instead, what grew here were big trees with enormous foliage with countless aerial roots. These were clearly the characteristics of trees from a tropical rainforest. Furthermore, the climate here was cool, refreshing and dry which didn't seem to match with the vegetation that developed.

    'What a strange place. It completely went against the Laws of Nature!'

    She thought it was ridiculous as she continued to walk..

    While walking on that rugged terrain, she accidentally kicked one of the aerial roots of a big tree. The root was very thin and it was easily broken under her feet. As it broke, a light transparent juice spilled out unexpectedly.

    Ning Xuemo was somewhat thirsty from the walk. When she looked at the root juice, it made her want to drink it to quench her thirst.

    Still, she remained cautious. First, she used her needle to test the safety of the liquid. After confirming it wasn't poisonous, she pulled the aerial root closer so she could drink it.

    Surprisingly, the root juice tasted quite sweet. After drinking it once, she wanted to drink it again. In a short time, she drank up all the liquid in the root.
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