Chapter 183 – On The Same Boat (3)

    Chapter 183 - On The Same Boat (3)

    The little child appeared to cave under her threats. He finally opened his eyes; however, he only spoke a few words which did not infuriate Ning Xuemo. "This place is inside a restrictive barrier. No matter where you go, it will be the same. Before the restrictive barrier disappears, you cannot exit this place."

    Ning Xuemo became less angry, but at this moment, she almost fumed with rage. "You already knew it was like that?! Why didn't you say it earlier?!" He made her waste four hours of climbing to a mountain while carrying another person!

    "You didn't ask. I thought you were just bored and wanted to climb the mountain for fun." The little child's answer made her want to give him a good spanking.

    Ning Xuemo, "..."

    She really wanted to grab this rotten kid and smash him to death with a stone!

    As a matter of fact, she pretended to do so. Only, she didn't use a judo throw on him, rather she dropped him.

    He was dropped next to a mountain stone, while she sat on it.

    "You told me you could send me out of the Ninth mountain!" Ning Xuemo's voice carried a  sinister tone.

    "Hum! I did say that. But that's on the condition that you release me." The little child replied unhurriedly.

    That old subject of conversation was brought back again. Ning Xuemo smiled coldly. "You think I'm stupid? If I release you, you will escape without trace again! Perhaps, you will even plot something behind my back."

    The first mistake was pardonable, but if the situation repeated a second time, it could only be regarded as stupidity!

    She sat for a while and got up. Then, she directly picked up the child and carried him like a sack of potatoes. She searched for a few rattan to tie him on her back. "If I do this, you won't think about escaping! You and I will live and die together!"

    The little child lightly sighed without uttering a word.

    Ning Xuemo no longer paid any attention to him. With big strides, she walked directly heading North.

    Her sense of direction was always extremely powerful. She remembered climbing the mountain from the South. Therefore, she won't go the wrong way if she went down from the north side, even if the scenery looked the same everywhere. Perhaps, this could all be an illusion.

    Earlier, it wasn't really convenient for her to hike while carrying, but now that he was strapped on her back, her walking speed was very fast.

    On her back, the child tried to peer at her, but from his angle, he could only stare at Ning Xuemo's fair nape.

    'This little lady possessed a very indomitable spirit.' This side of her made him have a whole new level of respect for her.

    He closed his eyes once again. His ear was resting on Ning Xuemo's back and he could hear her steady heartbeat.

    Even in front of unknown obstacles, her mentality was still able to stay placid and this child... In actuality, he recognized her ability. Although she was a psychokinetic waste, it didn't mean that she won't accomplish anything someday...

    The corner of his mouth lightly pursed. 'Could it that those feelings of wanting to treasure talent stirred in me once again?'

    'It's been so many years since I've had this kind of feeling...'

    The moonlight shone on him as he closed his eyes. The pattern on his clothes moved, creating a layer of faint halo covering his whole person.

    Ning Xuemo concentrated on walking forward in big strides, thus she didn't notice the slight transformation on the little child behind her back. She did not realize that the rattan and thread she bound him with was melting and slowly disappearing.

    Ning Xuemo reached the area with the big forest containing the big hand shaped leaves. After she walked a while inside, she finally concluded that she came across something similar to a ghost misdirection phenomena.

    She found the aerial root she broke earlier. She even found the mark she made on a big tree earlier in case she was lost!

    This time she completely gave up trying to get out and decided to return to the lakeside.

    This restriction barrier won't let her leave. She might as well return to the lake to rest and wait until the barrier disappeared after daybreak to leave.
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