Chapter 184 – Being Ambushed Again (1)

    Chapter 184 - Being Ambushed Again (1)

    This restriction barrier won't let her leave. She might as well return to the lake to rest and wait until the barrier disappeared after daybreak to leave. She would no longer attempt to run around for nothing and waste energy.

    The lakewater was gently rippling. Ning Xuemo was making a bonfire by the lakeside. At times, there was spark coming out from the fire.

    "Small stuff, you win!" Ning Xuemo was sitting on a big stone by the lakeside. "We will meditate here until daybreak. Tomorrow, the restriction barrier will disappear and the magical beasts will come out. If they wanted to eat me, you will be the first to be thrown as bait."

    She was not yet done with threatening him. Suddenly, she heard the boy's shout from behind her, "Be careful! Move back!"

    She reacted subconsciously. Her brain had yet understood what was going behind her, but her feet like the wind were already pushing her back and she distanced herself by more than three meters from her original spot!

    "Shah!" The sound of water falling echoed. Simultaneously, a black figure emerged out of the lake, causing the lakewater to became stormy. Like a giant wave, it came crashing on the shore, making three meter waves, which swept the place where Ning Xuemo was sitting before.

    It was evident that if her reaction had not been fast enough, and if she had not retreated in time, she would have been hit by the attack and became food in its mouth.

    As that thing crashed on the shore, a tyrannical aura could be felt from the fiend.

    Even for Ning Xuemo who was used to seeing many things, when she saw the appearance of the entity that came out of the lake, it  gave her shivers.

    'What is that magical beast?'

    'Is that a Komodo dragon?'

    'Wrong! There's no horn on the head of a Komodo dragon. Besides, the size is not so humongous.'

    Before her eyes, stood an entity with a size comparable to a Tyrannosaurus Rex!

    'Your mother! Could it be that dinosaurs didn't go extinct in this world?!'

    That magical beast was covered in lush green scales. Its appearance was almost identical to a Komodo dragon. The few differences were his head was covered by multiple dagger-like horns, and his ferocious mouth was densely aligned with sharp teeth.

    Ning Xuemo did not doubt for a moment that she would be torn to shreds by it, even if she threw the boy on her back as bait.

    Like a whirlwind, she retreated by several steps. "Hey! Little guy, didn't you say that there's a restriction barrier in place so that ferocious beasts couldn't enter? What is that thing?"

    She wasn't done complaining when that monster opened his mouth and countless sharped green arrows rained down over her!

    'Darn it! Is it really okay to launch such a killer attack in the first round?!'

    Ning Xuemo's figure blurred as she dodged the arrows, then directly hiding behind the big trees to avoid the attack.

    "Thuck! Tuck! Thud! Thuck!" Those sounds resounded like a torrential rain as the green arrows struck the tree trunks.

    "Rumble!" Unexpectedly, the big trees could not withstand the force of the arrows. They broke from the impact and loudly crashed on the ground.

    Ning Xuemo avoided it again.

    Her figure barely had the time to avoid the big tree that was falling, when a sharp whistle could be heard. The weird dragon vomited out another shower of green arrows toward her at an incredibly fast speed!

    Ning Xuemo, "..." She almost suspected that there was a military weapon that could shoot arrows hidden inside that thing's mouth. Its abdomen must not contain organs but arrows instead if it can shoot wave after wave of arrows, unceasingly!

    With her current martial arts, it was impossible for her to confront it head on. The only thing she could do was to repeatedly used her qinggong to dodge the attack. Fortunately, the terrain around her was filled with big stones, which she could used to evade the waves of arrows.

    This weird dragon's arrows were extremely terrible. No matter what it pierced, everything was crushed. Numerous big stones were reduced to nothingness by its attacks, sending billows of smoke and dust into the air, covering the sky and the earth.

    Ning Xuemo almost used up all of her strength. She was all battered and exhausted after evading another wave of arrows

    Her mind was exhausted from the strain of evading the wave of attacks. She did not notice that her qinggong had experienced a breakthrough to another level. Her shen fa was as fast as lightning, a speed comparable to the ability of teleportation of superhumans.

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