Chapter 187 – The Finishing Move!

    Chapter 187 - The Finishing Move!

    The little ginseng spirit was floating in mid-air and making hand seals. His silver hair was like satin cascading around him. Water surged around him like the seatide. Blue ocean spray contrasted with his white clothes, turning the scene into something as beautiful as one would find in a painting.

    However, this was not what caused Ning Xuemo to be startled. What caused her to be startled was this little kid's aura. It was actually a rare majestically cold aura. That inexplicably strong pressure caused Ning Xuemo to tremble!

    His appearance was clearly that of a child who was not even two years of age yet, at this moment, he had an aura as towering as a mountain. Even that berserk weird dragon had forgotten to attack as it stared in terror, its entire body tensed up...

    The little child suddenly pointed his small white finger. Several streaks of lake-blue ice blades whistled as they flew and ended up penetrating through the weird dragon's neck.

    There was no blood, nor any sign of injury, yet that dragon-thing suddenly let out a long and miserable wail as it was sent into the air!

    "Boom!" A violent sound reverberated as the weird dragon suddenly exploded into pieces in midair. Fresh blood and gore splattered everywhere making it seem like it was raining blood.

    Ning Xuemo had originally been standing there and watching the fun when the protective barrier suddenly disappeared without warning. She did not manage to dodge and ended up being drenched in blood, causing her to turn into bloody person...

    Ning Xuemo "..."

    She wiped off the fresh blood on her face as she glared at the little kid.

    'This little bastard, couldn't he wait until the blood had finished pouring before he took down the barrier?!'

    A "splash!" sounded. The little kid who had been hovering in mid-air fell into the water. Without even a ripple, he started sinking to the bottom.

    'Was he exhausted after executing his ultimate move?'

    'Must be it! That little fellow must have exhausted his force after making such a fierce move, which was to be expected.'

    Ning Xuemo dived into the water. A while later, she found him.

    Surprisingly, this little fellow was sitting in meditation after he sank into the lake. Both his eyes were tightly shut, as if he had fainted.

    As Ning Xuemo was afraid that he would suffocate, she stretched out her hand intending to pull him to shore.

    She had not thought that this little fellow would suddenly move away from his original position as his voice was transmitted to her ears. "Don't bother about me, first clean up."

    Ning Xuemo was still covered in the beast blood. Although she had dived into the water, the blood had not fully washed off. A lot of the lake water around her was dyed red.

    She was clearly here to save him yet got snubbed.

    It seems like this little fellow is a clean freak...

    'That was to be expected though. A large portion of people who wear all white tend to have an obsession with cleanliness, and a rather serious obsession at that.'

    For example that Ancestor. Even when he held her hand he had to do so with a handkerchief...

    She knew that this little fellow should be much older than he actually looked, but when she looked at his childish face, she could not help but be more patient, not wanting to be immature.

    She looked at the little child who had not opened his eyes, yet had moved far away from the area she was in, before turning around and swimming for the surface.

    This little thing seemed like he had a natural affinity to water. Since he was able to speak normally under water, then he obviously would not drown to death. She needn't bother about him for the moment. What she needed to do was to clean up first.

    The sticky sensation all over her body was hard to bear...

    But before that, she had to dig out that magic dragon's crystal core!


    Ning Xuemo was now very experienced when it came to digging out crystal cores from the bodies of magical beasts. Although the dragon's body had exploded into pieces, the crystal core was actually perfectly intact, without a single scratch on it. The crystal core was clear and green like an emerald.

    Ning Xuemo used her hand to hold the crystal core and stimulated that strange energy in her body...
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