Chapter 188 – The Mysterious White-Clothed Man (1)

    Chapter 188 - The Mysterious White-Clothed Man (1)

    As the green colour in the crystal core dimmed more and more, Ning Xuemo could feel what seemed to be innumerable currents of electricity rushing into her body and roaming around inside her body. Everywhere it went, she felt much more comfortable.

    She couldn't resist forcing it to circulate faster.

    A moment later, she suddenly felt those currents of electricity surging like a torrent!

    Her whole body exploded in pain. All her meridians hurt as if they were about to burst!

    Even the green vein on her forehead seemed to be near the bursting point, protruding grotesquely!

    She was extremely surprised. She instinctively wanted to slow down the rate at which she absorbed that energy, yet she did not expect that the energy would go berserk. Instead of slowing down, it circulated even faster.

    She felt like her body had turned into a balloon that had more and more air blown into it. It seemed almost as if she would explode the next moment!

    This was the first time Ning Xuemo felt like this. This feeling gave her a never before felt feeling of terror, and she couldn't help but scream!

    The water behind her made a splashing sound. Afterwards, Ning Xuemo only felt an icy cold air current touch the back of her head. She cried out before her body went limp, and she fainted.

    A white shadow gracefully landed by her side, lowering his eyes to look at her.

    Ning Xuemo was still covered in blood.

    She had planned to wash up after fully absorbing the energy in the crystal core but hadn't anticipated such a situation would occur...

    At the moment, blood-soaked clothes stuck tightly to her body, allowing people to clearly see the her trembling muscles.

    Her muscles writhed non-stop as if they were hiding innumerable writhing little snakes.

    Her blood vessels were on the verge of bursting at any moment; the sight was extremely terrifying!

    This time, Ning Xuemo had truly fainted. She did not see the white-clothed man who was standing in front of her.

    His entire person was clothed in a loose white robe that seemed like frost under a cold moon. Silver hair fluttered like a curtain behind his body. His pair of dark blue eyes were like abysmal icy lakes, which under the moonlight seemed filled with glittering waves. The impression he gave was that he could freeze a person's blood at first glance.

    His features were like Heaven's most perfect jade sculpture. Any descriptive words were unable to fully express his beauty.

    Even the moon in the sky seemed to be ashamed of itself the moment he showed himself as it hid behind a layer of clouds, only exposing half of itself.

    That man just stood like that beside Ning Xuemo as the wind blew his white robe and whistled past Ning Xuemo's ears.

    His sleeves floated in the wind, as if he was an immortal in a dream.

    This man's beauty was such that even Fairy Yao Chi[1] would be ashamed and would not dare to compare herself with him.

    If his face was exposed to the world, it would definitely cause all females to become infatuated and cause all males to feel like jumping into a river to commit suicide. If they didn't want to kill themselves, then they must be gay...

    Even rarer was that although this person's features were extremely beautiful, he didn't give a feminine feel at all. His entire body seemed as if it was covered by clouds.

    He was clearly standing there yet the fine details of his appearance were misty, adding a layer of mystery to his person.

    His manners were extremely mild yet extremely cold, as if he didn't have a care in the world and nothing could make him have a care.

    He lowered his eyes and watched Ning Xuemo, whose entire body was covered in filth. His eyebrows lightly scrunched up. It was clear that he really despised the dirt and filth on her body...

    But if he continued to let her be, her life would be in danger. She would burst like that weird dragon and leave her life here!

    "Idiot!" He lightly spit out a word before lowering his body to help Ning Xuemo into a sitting position and was unable to avoid getting blood on both of his hands.

    His fingers bent slightly, as if he wanted to first use a technique to clean her up, but he paused slightly as if he had thought of something, eventually giving up. His fingertips emitted a faint white light...

    [1] Fairy Yao Chi either referred to a certain beautiful character in the Demon King Chased his Wife or to the Queen Mother of the West who lived in Jade Lake of Mount Kulun. In both case they are out of this world beauties.
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