Chapter 191 – The Mysterious White-Clothed Man (3)

    Chapter 191 - The Mysterious White-Clothed Man (3)

    Her face gradually regained its healthy complexion, a clear sign that she was getting better.

    For almost two hours, he hugged her while he helped her heal before he finally managed to nourish her meridians back to health. After a final check to ensure that there were no problems, he finally released her.

    He staggered as soon as he stood up. His gait was unstable. A white light flashed from his body and the white-clothed man disappeared. Where he had stood before, now stood the 'little ginseng spirit' that Ning Xuemo wanted to use as a tonic....

    He stared blankly for a moment before the corner of his lips twitched! He cast an unkind gaze at Ning Xuemo who was sleeping peacefully.

    'This little girl...'

    Was she his nemesis?

    At first, he only needed to cultivate here for three more days before he restored his original strength, but he was unexpectedly interrupted at the last moment by her. He got hugged and tied up by her and had even continuously used psychokinesis to defend her as well as treat her injuries...

    Because he had never experienced such a situation before, he had no idea how to handle it. Earlier, he believed that it should not be a problem for him to restore his adult form, so he once again used his psychokinesis. He never thought that there would be such a serious side-effect! He turned into a little boy again!

    Just when would he be able to return into an adult?!

    As he lifted his head to stare at the sky, the sky was already turning white. It would soon be daybreak!

    At that time, the restriction barrier would disappear and the beasts in the Ninth mountain would show themselves once again. But since he used up his powers, he wouldn't be able to lay down another array.

    Without his protection, this little girl wouldn't last long on the Ninth mountain! It seemed like he could only try to send her out of the mountain for now...

    'What a troublesome little girl!'


    Ning Xuemo was woken up by a slap.

    "Hurry and get up, more magical beasts are coming!" The voice was crisper than unripe grapes.

    The moment Ning Xuemo heard "magical beast", she couldn't help but become alert and hurriedly leapt to her feet!

    "Where are the magical beasts?!"

    Her gaze scanned the surroundings before suddenly becoming stunned!

    She... Did she transmigrate again?

    It was already daybreak. The bright red sun was in the middle of peaking out from behind a distant mountain.

    Though she still stood next to the lake, it wasn't the beautifully dream-like lake from last night but an expansive pool surrounded on three sides by steep peaks covered in gnarled dragon-shaped trees. The colour of the trees' bark was a dreary gray with green everywhere.

    Most importantly, although not all the trees were of the same species, they were undoubtedly mostly similar to pines and cypresses with their needle-like leaves. And the strange large tree with palm-sized leaves from last night had disappeared without a trace.

    Many differently sized waterfalls gushed down from the mountain tops and flowed into the lake pool at Ning Xuemo's feet. The sound of water was like thunder with water spraying everywhere.

    'Where is it?'

    'Where were those mystical beast-shaped mountains? Where was that beautiful large lake?' Why couldn't she see them anymore?

    'The events from last night couldn't have been a dream right?!'

    Her gaze landed on the crystal core near her feet. One end was greyish white while the other end was still green, appearing extremely bizarre. That was the psychokinesis crystal core she dug out from the weird dragon last night...

    Her gaze swept over her surroundings once again. The weird dragon's mangled corpse was still there.

    Everything pointed that last night was not a dream but reality.

    'That's right! Where did that little ginseng spirit go?!'

    Ning Xuemo rapidly searched her surroundings but couldn't see him anywhere.

    She was sure he called her when she was unconscious! Could it be that it was only her imagination?
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