Chapter 193 – He Had Never Seen This Type of Clothing Before

    Chapter 193 - He Had Never Seen This Type of Clothing Before

    'Is that an illusion?'

    She actually felt that this little guy had gotten a bit shorter and his face a bit more tender.

    Before he looked around two years of age, but now, he only looked like a year old baby.

    She could not resist picking him up. "Yeah, lighter by a kilogram too!"

    While holding him in her arms, she looked at him suspiciously. "It couldn't be that you really are reverse aging and getting younger everyday?"

    The little child "..."

    He stretched out his tiny hands to rub her face, the corner of his lips forming a hook and, for once, spoke quite a bit. "Little lady, it's because you're too dumb and implicated ben[1]... me, that's why I turned smaller!"

    His little hand was softer and smoother than her face, but, in contrast, it was colder. Ning Xuemo felt as if her face was in contact with ice jade, seeping cold and smooth.

    Her heart skipped a beat. Seeing that his small hands were even more ice-cold, it seemed that, in order to perform his finishing attack, he really injured his vitality.

    This child could have escaped by himself back then, yet he chose to help her. It seems like he kept his words.

    Thinking of how she had tied him up, Ning Xuemo felt a bit of guilt as she examined his hands.

    Not bad, definitely a little ginseng spirit, his recovery ability is really strong. He was tied up by her for more than two hours, yet not even a red mark was left behind. His skin was still as white and tender, as if it was carved from mutton fat jade.

    "Little guy, give me a pair of pants to wear." She still wasn't wearing anything under her robe!

    "There's nothing suitable for you to wear." The little child shook his head.

    Even if there was nothing suitable, she could adjust it to fit her! Wearing a handsewn piece of underwear was still better than wearing nothing!

    She suddenly thought of his little apron...

    "Can you me your apron? I'll tailor it to fit me."

    The boy glanced at her and said in a voice that was neither stingy or weak, "No way!"

    He could give her such a good set of clothes, but that apron was out of question?

    'Could it be that the apron was some kind of treasure?'

    "Then, don't you have any other clothing? It doesn't matter the size of it. I can sew them together and make something out of it." Her demand wasn't very difficult. She just want to make a pair of panties. If she wear nothing underneath, it did not matter if she was climbing or crawling, everything would be exposed!

    The child muttered to himself irresolutely then put his hand in his sleeve...

    After a moment, he took out a piece of cloth and gave it to Ning Xuemo. "I only have this."

    Ning Xuemo looked at that sheet of cloth made out of white tissue. The piece of cloth had an irregular form and looked a bit like it was half of a pants...

    She glanced at him while being a bit bewildered in her mind. She was under the impression he would have take out one of his spare pants, but he took out sheet of cloth instead.

    This time she was not in the mood to care about this little child's eccentricities. Immediately, she grabbed the sheet of cloth and used her short blade to cut it.

    She had enough needles on her to use and, after a short moment, she was done sewing a panty. She went behind a big boulder to wear it.

    The little boy was watching while she was busy sewing her panty and, when she was done, he was attentively staring more than once at the panty.

    He had never seen this type of clothing before.

    'Eccentric little girl, her hands and feet are quite nimble!'

    Finally, she was no longer bare down there. Ning Xuemo felt like her dignity had been restored quite a bit.

    The material used for the underwear was quite good so wearing it felt fitting and comfortable.

    She was smiling up to her eyebrows as she held the little child's hand. "Where did you get this material from?"

    "If you keep delaying, you are going to be food for the magic beasts." The little child did not seem used to being this close to others as he jerked his hand back, not answering her question. He lifted his head to look at a mountain nearby. "The Golden-Eyed Falcons are descending!"

    [1] It's the same ben () as in bengong, benwang, bengongzi. It's a way royalty or the upper class address themselves. However, it's only in this context. Normally, the ben () is a measure word for books or such.
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