Chapter 194 – She Was Unexpectedly Lectured by A Little Kid!

    Chapter 194 - She Was Unexpectedly Lectured by A Little Kid!

    Ning Xuemo raised her head in alarm just in time to see two little birds from afar that seemed to be Golden-eyed Falcons, descending to this place at a very fast speed!

    Last night, she had suffered a lot under the claws of these falcons. If it wasn't for that bastard bird, Number Two would not have died and she would not have been forced to suffer in this place.

    The memory of Number Two's bloodied face flashed inside her mind as a cold light glinted inside her eyes. Her thin lips pursed. "Little kid, is it alright if we exterminate them?"

    The little child looked at her pensively, "Do you hate them?"

    "My friend died under their claws. I want revenge!"

    "This is a world where the strong prey upon the weak. For people with inferior skills, even if they died, they cannot complain. One has to possess strength if one wants to take revenge. Blindly using force is a rash behavior." The little child's tone was like a teacher lecturing his disciple.

    Ning Xuemo, "..."

    She was unexpectedly lectured by a little kid!

    The truth was she understood those principles. However, when she saw those damn birds, her heart felt aggrieved.

    In her former life, her martial arts were at the peak, combining the advantages of using both the official and underground methods. It gave her the strength to be able to repay debts of gratitude as well as avenge grievances as she liked. If someone caused her to suffer in any way, she would immediately beat them up and return all that suffering to them.

    She fiercely protected her subordinates. Using her own strength, she protected and led them.

    She could not just watch as her subordinates were bullied in front of her.

    If her subordinates died in the enemy's hands, she would use any means necessary to take the murderer's life to avenge her subordinates. Not once has she let people who killed her subordinates off.

    And this time, Number Two died for her sake, yet she was unable to even save his body. She had to watch as he was taken away by the bird to become its food...

    This type of bird wasn't afraid of poison and was hard to harm with weapons. With her current strength, wanting to kill it was truly difficult...

    She pursed her lips. For a gentleman to take revenge, ten years is not too long[1]. Sooner or later she would come and exterminate these birds' nest!

    At the moment, she should first think of a way to get out of this place.

    "You're right. Let's go!" Ning Xuemo pulled on the little child's hand as she started to sprint away.

    Those two Golden-eyed Falcons charged towards the corpse of the weird dragon. For the moment, they had not discovered the two people hiding behind a large boulder. This was the opportunity for them to quietly leave.

    "If you want to take revenge right now, it's not impossible! I can teach you a move!" The little child spoke once again.

    Ning Xuemo's eyes lit up slightly. "Okay! What move?"

    She didn't know if she could finish learning it in such a short amount of time.

    "The weak spot of Golden-eyed Falcons is located at the center of the underside of their left wing. They can use Freezing Spell, which belong to the water element, one of the five elements[2]. Thus using an earth-type weapon would be effective against them." The child mentioned in a casual tone.

    A green vein popped up on Ning Xuemo's forehead. Although she now knew where their weak spot was, it was on the underside of their left wing, but it's too difficult to attack!

    Furthermore, all the weapons she had brought had metal properties, where would she get an earth attributed weapon?

    She scanned her surroundings which were littered with broken pieces of mountain rocks...

    She picked up a piece of stone, then looked at the child. "What do I do next?"

    He should be teaching her a technique right?

    The child spoke frankly. "The next step depends on you."

    'Dammit!' Black lines appeared on Ning Xuemo's head.

    After the child saw her expression, he leisurely spoke. "Your current strength is too weak. You can choose to give up and come back when you're stronger. Besides, with your current strength, nobody would laugh at you for retreating."

    Ning Xuemo lowered her eyes slightly before smiling. "There is no such thing as 'retreating' in my dictionary!" She patted the child's shoulder. "Hide yourself well; in a while I won't be able to take care of you."

    [1] It means biding your time to take revenge.

    [2] A small refresh, the five elements refer to wood, fire, earth, metal, and water.
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