Chapter 195 – Flying Once Again

    Chapter 195 - Flying Once Again

    Saying so, her figure rushed towards one of the Golden-eyed Falcons!

    The two Golden-eyed Falcons were currently sharing the weird dragon's carcass. They stood on both sides of it and didn't lift their heads while eating.

    Because of this, only when Ning Xuemo had nearly reached the foot of one of the Golden-eyed Falcons did it notice her...

    The Golden-eyed Falcons were definitely foodies, because when it came to their meal time, what they disliked the most was being disturbed during their feast. So seeing Ning Xuemo who was rushing over like the wind, it subconsciously pecked downwards, not even bothering to use its Freezing Spell.

    Obviously, it was looking down on this human projectile.

    Ning Xuemo let her left foot slip, while shifting her balance to the right foot to dodge. She executed a special footwork to brush past the falcon's beak. Her speed was quick like lightning despite her strange footwork. Although the falcon's speed was not slow, it didn't manage to snag even a corner of her clothes.

    The falcon was enraged as it pecked again and again without any success.

    Like a small hen pecking at grains, it pecked continuously for seven or eight times which were all avoided by Ning Xuemo using that strange movement technique.

    While dodging, Ning Xuemo clearly felt that her inner force had made a breakthrough. As her inner force improved, naturally her qinggong would follow suit.

    Her body was graceful while her movements were like lightning. She successfully charged beneath the Golden-eyed Falcon.

    Having been enraged to the breaking point, it finally used its special move. It opened its beak and sent out gust after gust of bone-chilling white breath attack, aiming to freeze Ning Xuemo.

    Suddenly dodging to the left, then flitted to the right. Ning Xuemo's body was more slippery than a loach. The falcon's freezing air breath absolutely could not manage to touch her body.

    It could only manage to freeze a layer of ice on the stony ground.

    If the ground was frozen, most people would wind up slipping and falling. Even agile monkeys were not an exception.

    However, the only exception to this rule would be Ning Xuemo. She had learned ice-skating and even figure skating. Even if one declared her the world's ice-skating champion, it would still be underestimating her abilities.

    Now that the ground was slippery, she was like a fish back in water. Her speed became quicker to the point that even the Golden-eyed Falcon with its good pair of eyes did not manage to catch her figure...

    Finally, Ning Xuemo found an opportunity. Her body charged forward, and she latched herself onto the falcon's left leg...

    The falcon was furious and shocked. Right now, it didn't dare to continue spitting out gusts of freezing air or else its foot would also be frozen.

    It screeched angrily as its wings flapped, causing it to fly upwards. Then it used its right talons to claw at Ning Xuemo.

    Ning Xuemo darted around its left leg, dodging its attacks, making the falcon unable to grab a hold of her. Instead, all it caught were a few of its own feathers...

    The other Golden-eyed Falcon was clearly its mate. It had discovered that something wasn't right and raised its head in surprise. The falcon's eyes were sharp, and naturally it discovered Ning Xuemo who was bouncing about on its mate's leg.

    Ning Xuemo's tiny body compared to the falcon's leg, like a ping pong ball to a basketball. Her size was insignificant.

    The falcon that Ning Xuemo had ambushed was a female, while the other was the male. It had a piece of meat hanging from its beak while looking at its mate. The male falcon was a food lover. After a slight pause and a brief moment of hesitation, it resumed its meal, completely engross with eating.

    Normally, they didn't dare to attack this sort of dragon beast. Now that it had a chance to eat this type of meat, it naturally wasn't willing to give up on it easily.

    It felt that its mate could deal with this flea-like human on it own and didn't need its help...

    The child sat on a large boulder with his head raised, looking at the female falcon flying in the sky. That bird was flying around like it was performing an aerial dance. One moment it was flying straight and the next it changed directions before suddenly swooping downwards...

    Clearly, the falcon was planning to shake Ning Xuemo off so that she would fall to her death. Its flight patterns were even more amazing than an aerial performance by aeroplanes.

    Having experienced something similar, added on to her strength's upgrade, she managed to stick to it like a super sticky plaster.
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