Chapter 196 – Your Mother, It Had Only Eaten a Few Bites!

    Chapter 196 - Your Mother, It Had Only Eaten a Few Bites!

    Thanks to having experienced something similar coupled with the fact that she had grown stronger, she easily managed to stick to it like a super adhesive plaster. She tightly grabbed onto the feathers on the falcon's leg and stubbornly refused to let go. Not only did she show no signs of falling off, she even started to slowly climb upwards.

    Ning Xuemo's white clothing contrasted starkly against the dark coloured falcon. The wind caused her clothing to billow, such that she seemed like a butterfly dancing in the air from afar.

    This scene was extraordinarily stunning. The child watched Ning Xuemo who was slowly making her way towards the Golden-eyed Falcon's left wing as a strange emotion flashed in the depths of his eyes. This truly was the first time he had seen a girl with such an indomitable spirit and wit.

    So it turned out that not all girls were overly emotional and had weak temperaments.

    'For whom is she trying so hard to avenge?'

    From what he knew, this girl didn't even have anyone close to a friend, only an old servant who she had a relationship of mutual dependence...

    'Can it be that the friend she spoke about is that old servant?'

    No, that should not be right. Her old servant's strength was very ordinary, he wouldn't even make it to the 2nd mountain.

    He didn't even have the ability to make the Golden-eyed Falcons notice him.

    'Who could it be?'

    He was suddenly very curious.

    He sat down there, not really moving yet his eyes never left the aerial battle between the falcon and the girl. His fingers started forming seals, keeping the technique ready to be launched at any time...

    Because the female falcon was putting its all into flying, Ning Xuemo was in constant danger so she didn't dare to relax.

    The falcon had flown so high up she didn't dare to just go for its weak spot. Otherwise, if it just died in mid-air, it would plummet to the ground alongside with her. Then she wouldn't be able to survive either.

    She wanted to take revenge but didn't want to put her life on the line, so she could only continue looking for the perfect opportunity to strike.

    The falcon had tossed and turned this much yet didn't manage to toss Ning Xuemo off, causing it to fly into an even more violent rage. It also wanted to eat that dragon's flesh.

    Your mother, it had only eaten a few bites!

    And its mate was continuing to feast without lifting its head. The meat was disappearing at a speed visible to the naked eye!

    The female falcon was enraged. It finally decided to try heading back to the ground. Besides, the little thing on its leg didn't pose any real threat to it. Getting back to eating was more important, it couldn't let that bastard finish all of it!

    The female falcon got more and more agitated until it finally couldn't take it anymore and dove back towards the ground.

    This was the moment Ning Xuemo had been waiting for. Her body immediately tensed!

    Closer, getting closer. When the distance from the ground had shortened to only 30-40 meters, Ning Xuemo suddenly charged upwards. Like an arrow released from the bowstring, she charged to the underside of the female falcon's left wing. The sharp rock that had been held tightly in her hand was thrust fiercely towards the weak spot the child spoke about!

    'Kid, you better not have fooled me. Whether this big sister succeeds or not depends on this!'

    She aimed at the spot and channeled all her psychokinesis into the rock before stabbing. This stab cut through feather and flesh like tofu.

    Splurt! Fresh blood flew everywhere. The female falcon issued a terrible cry, its body tilting to one side as it plummeted towards the ground.

    It was a bird after all so its natural instinct to fly kicked in when it was falling. Although its flight was awkward, at least it didn't smash straight into the ground and luckily managed to make its way just above the deep pool.


    Ning Xuemo immediately released her grip. Her body fell into the deep pool.

    "Splash! Splash!" A soft splash was followed by a louder splash.

    A moment later, Ning Xuemo surfaced and noticed the female falcon's body drifting not far from her.

    'Mission accomplished!' She finally managed to take revenge with her own strength!

    There was still another falcon. Its mate had died in her hands, so it would definitely seek revenge.
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