Chapter 204 – Jumping Down!

    Chapter 204 - Jumping Down!

    Ning Xuemo "..." Without a doubt, her legs being bound was definitely this little thing's doing!

    "Hey you little imp, let go of me. I've got no time to play around with you!" Ning Xuemo's tone got colder.

    She did not like the feeling of being tied up. Furthermore, she really did not have much time...

    "You will move according to benzun." Jiu Zun did not have any intention of conceding. A faint white light emitted from his fingertips as he pointed towards Ning Xuemo's feet. Ning Xuemo only felt her legs heat up. Then, unexpectedly, they started to walk towards the cliff on their own.

    Ning Xuemo's complexion changed as she tried to wrestle back the control of her body but to no avail.

    Soon, she was only a few meters away from the edge of the precipice.

    "Release me!" Despite being cool-headed, at this moment, she was unable to stay collected. Both her arms were left unrestrained, so she used them to reach out to the little child on her back.

    However, the little child seemed as if it was stuck on her body, making her unable to pull him off. Instead of making any difference, her steps continued to proceed without her control.

    This bastard wanted to kill her?!


    Weren't they pretty good just a moment ago?

    Ning Xuemo was extremely puzzled, but, at this moment of life and death, she was unable to ponder on the question for long.

    Her expression turned cold as the short blade in her hand glinted, "Little brat! You're being mischievous again! I'm killing you now!"

    "Wait until you have the ability to say it again." Jiu Zun replied in a deadpan tone. Not once did he stop controlling Ning Xuemo's steps.

    This time Ning Xuemo did not hesitate again. Her body shook, the short blade in her hand shot out like lightning towards her back!

    Although both her legs were under someone's control, her upper body was not subject to such restraint.

    Her blade had yet to reach behind her back when her wrist was gripped by a small hand. "What a treacherous and ruthless little girl! Do you want to court death?"

    His hand was soft and warm with his fingers still encircling her wrist, but the power of his grip was firm as iron.

    Ning Xuemo's wrist felt numbed. Surprisingly, She could not even move to free her wrist.

    "Let's jump down. Benzun will accompany you." Jiu Zun lightly breathed near her ear.

    Less than 15 minutes later, Ning Xuemo's scream could be heard as her body was in free fall!



    Ning Xuemo really wanted to scream all kinds of curses. The wind was whistling in her ears as her body dropped down like a cannonball.

    "The thought to the Baihui point, moved along the Shenting, Qihai..." Suddenly the boy on her back started to quickly speak a mnemonic chant out loud. Despite the wind thundering in her ears, his voice was abnormally clear, as if he was speaking directly into her mind.

    At this moment, an average person would only scream and panic, in addition to be completely flustered.

    However, Ning Xuemo was not an average person. Her mentality was stronger than a normal persons, thus, in this critical moment, her mind remained exceptionally sober and calm!

    When she heard Jiu Zun's mnemonic chant, she immediately followed through the steps. She rapidly focused her thoughts on the Baihui point and stimulated her energy to go through the Shenting acupuncture point...

    Despite the dangerous situation, it only took Ning Xuemo two seconds to be able to completely focus her thoughts, which was not something an ordinary person can do! This girl certainly had good potential...

    Jiu Zun, who was glued to Ning Xuemo's back, had a trace of appreciation flash through his eyes.

    What happened next was quite strange. After Ning Xuemo did everything according to his instructions, the speed of her fall drastically decreased. She felt that her own body did not seem to fall like a cannonball. Instead, it felt like she was a kite with cut strings as she shook and swayed down in the air.

    Jiu Zun's voice once again resounded, as cold and unfeeling as before, "Now, circulate your energy in the Tiaokou of both legs... take two steps!"

    Immediately Ning Xuemo responded to his instructions.
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