Chapter 208 – The Appearance of an Unexpected Hero (1)

    Chapter 208 - The Appearance of an Unexpected Hero (1)

    Inside the dark abyss, a little bit of light could be quite glaring. Ning Xuemo shut her eyes by reflex but promptly opened them. Then, she turned her body to face the two lanterns.

    The lanterns were the size of a common palace lantern, shaped like a slanting jujube's core. They shone quietly with a cold light and had a terrifying green tint.

    A buzzing sound echoed inside Ning Xuemo's head!

    These weren't lanterns but the eyes of a monster!

    With such big eyes, its body should be the size of a Leviathan!

    Ning Xuemo almost didn't think about it anymore as she quickly turned around and fiercely swam away!

    She was absolutely not that monster's opponent, not even if she staked her all! She wouldn't even be considered a snack for that thing!

    She only had time to swim three meters away when a fierce wind swept from behind her. The water under her surged upwards several meters, bringing her body along with it...

    Then, it opened its wide and bloody mouth, comparable to the the size of a Blue Whale, to swallow the wave where Ning Xuemo was riding on!

    That kind of scene was like something that came out straight from someone's worst nightmare. Ning Xuemo seemed as if she was frozen on top of the wave, causing her to be unable to dodge!

    Could it be that she was going to wordlessly die in this kind of place?!

    After all the trials and tribulations she had went through...

    'No!' She won't give up! There must be another way!

    Even if she was to die, she would also retaliate against it! Maybe, only its body was huge and it could be impressive-looking, but in fact was useless!

    Suddenly, her Qihai point heated up, and her frozen body could now move!

    She immediately turned around, flitted across the gigantic water monster's mouth and then dived into the water!

    She knew that escaping from this monster was a pipe dream. The only option left would be to risk her life in a battle to the death!

    The water was gurgling in her ears like she was in the middle of a sea typhoon. As she was under the water, her body was constantly tossed around.

    The exposed portion of its body was already so large, the part underwater wouldn't be small either.. She should stab it to test out if it was as powerful as it looks!

    She gauged the monster's position from the water flow. Then, she swam with all her might in that direction.

    Finally, she came into contact with sleek and wet scales. The brief contact made her feel apprehensive.

    Only one of the scales was the size of a winnowing basket! The short blade in her hand was like an embroidery needle compare to it. Could she even injure it with her weapon?

    Although her heart was full of doubts, this was her only hope to survive. Thus, she persisted swimming along its scales in order to find a crack where she could stab it.

    An ear-piercing whistling similar to a train whistle resounded in the darkness. Ning Xuemo didn't have the time to get out of the way before she was sent flying by an incomparable force! She couldn't anticipate in which direction she was sent to.

    In the end, she understood that she had stabbed her blade at its tail which infuriated it, and it sent her flying in retaliation!

    She almost passed out when the tail hit her!

    Her body was like a meteor as it shot deeper inside the abyss of darkness without her being able to do anything to stop it.

    If there were any rocks inside the water, it was very likely that she would be knocked against the rocks and thousands of bloody flowers would bloom on her!

    Ning Xuemo felt that today her mouth was unusually inauspicious. She practically was jinxing herself! She didn't have the time to think about something else when she saw she was heading straight into a dense bed of rocks!

    Furthermore, just like in a melodramatic scene of movies, the rocks were sharp and pointy. If she were to fall into them, she would directly be impaled, turning into fresh kebab for the sea monster!

    This time she was completely helpless and could only shut her eyes.

    Suddenly, a thought passed through her mind. Usually in TV dramas, at such a critical time, there would always be a hero appearing to save the beauty, and from then on, a burning, passionate and earth-shaking love would begin together with the female lead.
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