Chapter 209 – The Appearance of an Unexpected Hero (2)

    Chapter 209 - The Appearance of an Unexpected Hero (2)

    Note: I suggest you listen to either this song or this song when reading this chapter just because it would be more funny.

    Then would there be a hero appearing out of nowhere to catch her in his arms?

    "Bang!" She fell directly into a place that was firm yet soft at the same time. She hurriedly opened her eyes and became dumbfounded!

    'That cannot be!' Unexpectedly, a hero really came to her rescue?!

    At this moment, she fell into that person's embrace. However, there was something strange about that person. To her surprise, the man had Sylvester Stallone's face!

    As Ning Xuemo stared at the man with big eyes, that clone of Stallone was floating to the shore while carrying her.

    'Not bad!' When they reached the shore, she finally was able to set foot on the ground. Then, everything that happened next made Ning Xuemo felt as if she was in a dream.

    After the robust hero released her on the ground, from who knows where, he took out a submachine gun. Then, he rushed towards the monster and opened fire! Rat-tata-tata-ta-ta! The sound of bullets constantly echoed as the bullets rained down upon the monster.

    Ning Xuemo held her forehead as she stood there. She felt her three views were in chaos!

    'God!' Could it be that her idol Sylvester Stallone had also transmigrated?!


    Unexpectedly even his firearm transmigrated with him. He was also a foreigner like her little friend, Tom, but unlike Tom, he was much more blessed and had some gear!

    Her stomach was still terribly painful ever since she was whipped by the monster's tail. Her blood and energy were violently rolling inside of her, and there was a fishy and metallic aftertaste in her throat. She forced herself from spitting out blood.

    'Such an excruciating pain!' Could it be that her ribs were broken?

    She reached out to her thorax and as expected felt that some parts of her chest had sunk. She had three broken ribs.

    The monsters on this mountain all had scales that can't be pierce by bullets. This monster was so big, it scales shouldn't be so easy pierce, right?

    Hero Stallone's marksmanship was like a Little Plum Flying Dagger[1] never missing its mark. However, even if the bullets hit, if they didn't pierce the scales, it was still useless.

    Ning Xuemo raised her head in concern. As expected, Stallone's machine gun sprayed a long tongue of flame as he shot at the inky black monster. Countless sparks could be seen as if the bullets were shooting at steel. Clang-clang-clang-clang! The sound echoed as the bullet ricocheted everywhere.

    'It is completely ineffective!'

    The monster was clearly enraged. It ferociously swam to the shore despite the rain of bullets and held his head high like a tower on a small island. Its mouth was filled with dense rows of teeth glinting dangerously.

    Ning Xuemo's heartbeat accelerated. She looked around in search for a weapon, but there was nothing else besides rocks and stones.

    At this moment, it would have been good if she had an anti-tank gun! She would certainly be able to pierce through that thick scales!

    She retreated a step, then felt like she stepped on something. She lowered her head and her heart almost wanted to jump out!

    'The heavens have eyes!' She has stepped on a rocket launcher!

    She was simply in exultation. As a secret service agent, she played and mastered all kinds of firearms. Her marksmanship was first class. However, ever since she came to this world, she didn't have the possibility to use these things!

    The moment she saw the weapon, it was as if she was back on Earth and met with her most closest relative. She grabbed the rocket launcher and put it on her shoulder.

    With this baby, what was there to be afraid of?

    She immediately aimed at the black monster and swiftly pulled the trigger. The shell let out a trail of flame as it launched!

    Like it was before, her marksmanship was extremely accurate. The rocket shell hit exactly on the monster's neck. The monster bellowed as a big hole appeared on its neck and blood rained down like a waterfall.

    'Mission accomplished!'

    The corner of Ning Xuemo's mouth lightly pursed. 'Once again, OP Monster vs modern firearms, OP Monster lose!'

    This world's monsters were simply too abnormal, especially those from the 9th Mountain. They are comparable to an abnormal fighter aircraft. What's more, they were all at least rank 7 or 8. Perhaps, they could be undying aliens with extremely high self-healing ability...


    As if to confirm her words, the monster was still alive even after being hit by the rocket. While it was letting out long hiss, the wound on its neck was healing at mach speed. In a short period of time, it was back to normal.

    Ning Xuemo, "..."

    [1] This is a type of flying daggers or knives used by all the main characters of Gu Long's series novels, Xiao Li Fei Dao (). Random note : I have yet to watch it, but, last year (2016), the 4th book of series has been adapted into a TV drama.
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