Chapter 210 – The Appearance of an Unexpected Hero (3)

    Chapter 210 - The Appearance of an Unexpected Hero (3)

    As if to confirm her words, the monster was still alive even after being hit by a rocket. While it was letting out a long hiss, the wound on its neck was healing at mach speed. In a short period of time, it was back to normal.

    Ning Xuemo, "..."

    "Run! I'm out of ammo!" That young version of Stallone ordered her to run quickly as he pulled her hand and ran.

    Ning Xuemo also discovered that her bazooka only had an artillery shell left. 'No choice then. Have to run.' Right now, she only hoped that it was an aquatic monster and wouldn't go ashore...

    However, it was difficult to say when it came to the things in this world, because amphibious monster were far from rare.

    And indeed, she only ran for 10 meters when, she heard footsteps that sounded more like explosions right behind her. The earth shook and trembled at every step it took.

    Ning Xuemo quickly turned to take a look. She simply wanted to cry. 'Your mother! This thing is not a sea monster. It's Godzilla!'

    In what kind of mystical country did she transmigrate to?!

    Deep inside her heart, she felt there was something fishy about this whole situation. However, in this time of crisis, she had no time to think about it.

    Fortunately, this time she was not escaping alone. She had a comrade! A younger version of Stallone!

    His hand was warm and dry while his palm was full of hard calluses, a distinctive trait of a genuine iron-blooded tough guy. Ning Xuemo dashed following him.

    After fighting for such a long time, she was like an arrow at the end of its course. Her footsteps were growing heavier and heavier. In the end, she was unable to keep up with Young Stallone.

    Unfortunately, the monster was quickly pressing closer. It was obvious that it had no intention of letting them go.

    Despite the boundless earth and the unlimited sky, their running speed was nowhere near the monster's speed behind them. It was only a matter of time before they became monster snacks.

    Ning Xuemo suddenly had a thought. In fact, if she could die together with her idol, it shouldn't be considered unfair, right? At least, it was much better than dying a lonely death...

    As the thought passed through her mind, she felt that her steps were heavier, and at the same time, Young Stallone's speed became slower.

    The shadow of death loomed above their heads. Suddenly, Ning Xuemo accelerated and threw herself into Young Stallone's arms; then she hugged his neck and kissed his lips.

    She wanted to take advantage of the fact that she was at death's door to realize one of her dreams! One of her dreams was to kiss a young Sylvester Stallone!

    The heroic man of steel's body faintly stiffened, but he didn't evade her kiss.

    Soon her little mouth was pressed against her idol's lips. The dusky background seemed to be abruptly ripped apart, and a silhouette floated down. That person had yet to touch the ground when his hand chopped down, emitting a white light. Ning Xuemo's body felt numb, and she fell out of her idol's bosom.

    Afterwards, she staggered from being pulled by a hand. It felt like she was fluttering in the air like a flag. Without any freedom, she was pulled and forced by that figure to make a 21-24 meter jump!

    At that moment, the monster finally caught up to where she was. Its tail swept at the place where her idol stood and sent him into the air!

    Ning Xuemo was shocked, "STALLONE!" She just wanted to jump back and save him.

    "Idiot, this is a world of illusions! Wake up!" The voice next to her ear was one that she hadn't heard for a while. It was Jiu Zun's voice. At the same time she heard his voice, some kind of energy went through her palm, flowing along her blood vessels and rushing directly into her head.

    A loud rumble resounded inside her brain as her whole body quivered and trembled from the cold.

    'A world of illusions?! So nothing was real?'

    She suddenly lifted her head and saw Stallone's body instantly melt like ice under the sun.
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