Chapter 211 – The Appearance of an Unexpected Hero (4)

    Chapter 211 - The Appearance of an Unexpected Hero (4)

    She once again turned to look at that inky black Godzilla, who was actually still standing there and even glaring hatefully at her!

    Noticing that Ning Xuemo was looking at it, it raised its head and loudly roared before pouncing towards her!

    'Fuck, since it's an illusion why is it still here?!'

    This fellow's body was so large that when it pounced over, it caused gusts of wind to surround the two of them.

    Ning Xuemo turned her head with the intention to run, but her footsteps had gotten heavier. It was as if there were manacles fastened to her feet, preventing her from taking a step further.

    "Dammit!" Jiu Zun let out a low curse before raising his hand. White light burst out and surrounded the two of them like a net which barely managed to block the 'Godzilla's' bite.

    "It's formed from your imagination. Hurry up and imagine it as a useless bug!" Jiu Zun shouted.

    His small face paled to the colour of paper. That monster was too strong, causing him to nearly be unable to hold it back.

    'What the hell is this girl's mind filled with?'

    She actually managed to imagine such a pervertedly strong monster. With his current strength, he was pushing his limits just to stand up against it.

    This illusion was formed from her thoughts, so everything in it had to be changed by her.

    "Roar!" Having its body tangled up by the white net caused the monster to fly into a rage as it charged forward without caring for anything.

    'It was formed from her imagination?'

    Ning Xuemo's thoughts flashed past at lightning speed, recalling everything she had just encountered. It really seemed like whatever she had thought of had immediately materialised...

    She still didn't know what was going on, but since the scene before her eyes came from her imagination, things were much easier!

    She controlled her imagination!

    "Hurry up and focus on turning it into a bug or a tiny snake... whatever would do. It is the devil in your heart, so it won't disappear on its own." Jiu Zun hurriedly gave an explanation.

    Ning Xuemo shut her eyes. It seemed like she was currently focusing on carrying out his orders...

    Yet he didn't expect that as soon as she opened her eyes, she would pick up something from the ground. Unexpectedly, her hands were holding a strange weapon.

    'What is she doing?'

    Ning Xuemo raised her head. Her hair had already slipped loose from its bindings and spilled like water over her shoulders.

    She supported that strange weapon on her shoulder before leaping into the monster's vicinity. She stood near the monster before shooting it with a smile. "Jiu Zun, I'll have to trouble you to continue holding it." This little girl's smile was so sweet, yet her movements were so awe-inspiring.

    Her words had only just left her mouth when that giant monster became even more violent. Its roars shook the heavens and earth, charging even more fiercely at Jiu Zun. Its strength seemed to have increased by more than one fold!

    Jiu Zun already had trouble holding it back to start with, but now he was having an even harder time. With a light puff, that faint white light net was crushed by the monster in a single bite! Dense rows of sharp teeth bit towards Jiu Zun's tiny body!

    'This girl is doing this on purpose!' She is taking revenge!

    Jiu Zun had long anticipated its move. His figure retreated like flowing water.

    His actions were so fast that it was unbelievable. It was as if he was walking on clouds, free and at ease. The distance he retreated back was estimated to be more than 30 meters. It was just enough to escape from the monster's enormous jaw.

    Yet he didn't think that just as he was retreating, a rope appeared out of nowhere on the ground, impeding him from dodging in time and causing him to trip!

    His body staggered and was on the verge of falling head-first...

    During this slight delay, the monster's large mouth already hovered no more than 60cm away from his head! Its saliva nearly splattered onto his body...
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