Chapter 212 – The Appearance of an Unexpected Hero (4)

    Chapter 212 - The Appearance of an Unexpected Hero (4)

    A foul stench, which could almost cause one to puke, assaulted his nose.

    'Dammit!' Jiu Zun was just about to make another move when he felt something tightening around his feet. The rope that nearly tripped him tangled his legs!

    He was only halfway through changing moves when he was tugged by something and fell to the ground with a thump...

    Just as the monster's mouth was about to bite onto his clothes, a deafening bang sounded out. The monster seemed as if it had received some shock; a large bloody hole had been opened up on its forehead. Fresh blood sprayed everywhere, drenching Jiu Zun who was underneath it...

    Jiu Zun took the opportunity to flip his body upright and escape the vicinity of the monster's mouth.

    He leapt up with a jump and looked at the nearby Ning Xuemo.

    The little lady's eyes were shining; her mouth curved like a pea pod. "Jiu Zun, you have to be more careful."

    Looking at the little kid's disheveled appearance due to her antics, Ning Xuemo felt much better!

    'Who let this little imp force me to jump off a cliff!'

    'Who let this pervert conduct such a bull** extreme experiment on me?!'

    'Let him have a taste of being controlled by others and unable to control his own life and death!'

    It seemed this place was really made by her illusions. She could control anything in this space as long as she willed it.

    For example, the firearms she could pick up with a random grab. For example, making Jiu Zun that little rascal grow weaker. For example, making the monster much stronger...

    This feeling of being in control was really great!

    Jiu Zun narrowed his eyes slightly. Something flashed in the depths of his eyes.

    This little lady almost had no psychokinesis in her yet her ability to control her thoughts was astonishing!

    Even if they knew this place was the result of their own imagination, the large majority of people wouldn't be able to control the events that occurred in the illusion. After all, the way people's minds worked was complicated. If the objects they imagined became too numerous, a slight thought could cause innumerable changes in the situation, causing them to be engulfed by their own illusions!

    Even if for some geniuses, to be able to kill their inner demon born from their illusions was already a cause for amazement. There hasn't been anyone who had a complete grasp over everything that occurred in illusion...

    The wound on the monster's forehead healed quickly. With a loud roar, it once again pounced toward him!

    Ning Xuemo stood there while supporting the rocket launcher on her shoulder, in high spirits. She was planning on playing around with this brat, Jiu Zun, a bit more!

    She wanted to see what moves he could pull out in this situation.

    The monster spewed a white cloud of cold air which blasted towards Jiu Zun.

    Ning Xuemo knew that with Jiu Zun's capabilities, he could definitely dodge. She was even simulating where he would dodge in her mind so that she could materialise another rope...

    Yet she hadn't thought that the little kid just remained standing there without the slightest intention to dodge!

    The white mist engulfed Jiu Zun and instantaneously froze him into an ice statue.

    The monster moved as fast as lightning. Its mouth opened wide and swallowed him!

    Ning Xuemo's eyes widened!

    Heavens, she really didn't intend to kill him! 'He shouldn't be really dead right?!'

    She hurriedly launched another rocket at the monster's abdomen. The blast caused it to topple to the ground. A coldly glinting large blade suddenly materialised in her palm. She leapt towards the monster and slashed down its belly!

    Because her emotions were currently in disarray, adding to some panic, this slight momentary distraction caused the monster's belly to unexpectedly become harder than steel, deflecting her blade. The shock from the rebound caused her hand to grow numb, and the large blade nearly flew out from her hand.

    She was startled once again. Silently calming herself by inhaling, she hurriedly focused on turning the monster's belly softer than cotton...

    But this time it was clear she had failed. The monster's belly was still as hard as before. Below her feet, the ground was a bit slippery.
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