Chapter 213 – Don’t Die!

    Chapter 213 - Don't Die!

    This couldn't continue. After all, how long could one person last in a monster's stomach?

    Although Jiu Zun was strong enough, this place was controlled by her thoughts...

    She gritted her teeth as a plasma cutter appeared in her hand and she used it to break open the monster's belly!

    'Jiu Zun, you better be alright. If you die here, you're too useless!'

    The outer layer of the monster's belly was finally slashed open. Ning Xuemo somewhat regretted imagining the monster to be so big. It was as large as a multi-storeyed building, so its stomach was just as monstrously huge.

    Though Ning Xuemo had found its exact position, cutting through such a thick layer of abdomen to reach the stomach required quite a bit of effort.

    After she cut open the monster's belly, she made a dazzling sharp katana appear in her hand.

    Roughly 15 minutes later, she slashed her way to its stomach which was about the size of a small room. Ning Xuemo forced herself to ignore the acrid stench that assailed her nostrils. She took a look inside. Aside from a bit of digested food, there was nothing else.

    Ning Xuemo faced the bubbling stomach acid, her heart sinking. "Could he have already been digested? It shouldn't be this quick right?! This stomach acid isn't sulfuric acid; how could he have dissolved so quickly?!"

    She steeled herself and was about to plunge into the liquid, when she heard a voice from behind her. "No need to search. I'm here." It was undoubtedly the little child's melodious voice. However, the tone felt quite lazy.

    Ning Xuemo slowly turned her head. She saw Jiu Zun standing not far from her. In his little hand, he was holding the plasma cutter. He was quite interested at the machine she used to cut open the monster.

    "You weren't eaten?" Ning Xuemo jumped out of the monster's belly.

    "Nonsense." Jiu Zun replied in a leisure and frivolous way. He was completely absorbed studying the machine and didn't lift his head.

    "I clearly saw you being swallowed!" Ning Xuemo didn't believe that her eyes had problems.

    "What it swallowed was a boulder." Jiu Zun started to examine the rocket launcher on the ground.

    Ning Xuemo finally understood. "You used a body switching technique earlier?!"

    "Naturally. Does benzun have to wait for it to swallow benzun?"

    "This is my world of illusions. Shouldn't you be completely under the control my illusions...?"

    "This world of illusions is indeed yours. However benzun is real. I have little power to change your illusions, but I'm also not so weak as to be unable to withstand a single blow. I just don't have the power to retaliate." Being able to see so many novelties made his mood cheerful, so he was much more talkative than usual.

    'So, it was like that!' Ning Xuemo's heart felt complicated. She lifted her head and her expression slightly changed.

    Jiu Zun was holding the bazooka on his frail shoulder and was aiming it at her. His little hand resting on the trigger...

    'F*ck!' She had already loaded the rocket launcher earlier. At this instant, there was one artillery shell ready to be fire...

    "Hero, keep calm! Put that toy down." Ning Xuemo did her utmost best to concentrate on her thoughts. She wanted to make that artillery shell disappear, but it was all for nothing.

    "It's useless. Once you made these things materialize, it's no longer possible to transform them again." Jiu Zun lifted the rocket launcher upward.

    His body was still that of a one-year-old infant, so for him to lift such a big killing weapon was quite a comical scene.

    However, Ning Xuemo didn't find it funny.

    "Be careful with it. Don't accidentally trigger it!" She told him, then started to threaten him. "Don't look at me with a relaxed face. That toy's effect is very big, if not careful, the recoil could injure you!"

    "Is that so?" Jiu Zun raised his arms. Bang! The artillery shell flew off right above Ning Xuemo's head. It directly shot into the monster behind her.
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