Chapter 214 – Who Was That Man?

    Chapter 214 - Who Was That Man?

    "Is that so?" Jiu Zun raised his arms. Bang! The artillery shell flew off right above Ning Xuemo's head. It directly shot into the monster behind her. It actually landed on the exact spot Ning Xuemo had shot earlier. The two consecutive shots carved out a hole in its body!

    'Can he not be this ridiculously strong? Why does this person who came from ancient times have such accurate marksmanship?!'

    Ning Xuemo speechlessly looked at the Jiu Zun who was standing there as unperturbed as ever.

    "The recoil is indeed quite powerful but it is still within benzun's ability to control." Jiu Zun pointed the rocket launcher at her. "What is this thing called?"

    "A rocket launcher." Ning Xuemo sighed. Her bright and intelligent eyes watched him. "Since you weren't swallowed just now, why didn't you show yourself earlier? I really didn't want you to die. In order to save you, I exert so much energy to break open the monster's stomach while hoping you were still alive... "

    "I know. Otherwise, do you think you would still be standing here chatting so idly with benzun?"

    Ning Xuemo's tiny mouth pursed slightly. "You said that this world is created from my thoughts..." In this world she should be able to control everything!

    "Your thought manipulations couldn't be regarded as skillful. It's lacking maturity. I have thousands of methods to make you accidentally err into the devil way. Once entered, you can no longer leave!" Jiu Zun's tone was as indifferent as before.

    Ning Xuemo's eyes flashed before admitting defeat. "Fine, I admit defeat. You're very strong. Now, how do we get out of here?" She already killed that so-called heart's devil so why are they still stucked in this place?

    "You have a lot of weird ideas in your head!" Jiu Zun's tiny hands stroked the rocket launcher as his gaze floated to the plasma cutter. He now believed 70% of what Ning Xuemo said yesterday.

    Although he never saw these things before, he could tell that these materialized objects were devices created through a long thinking process based on practical use and not merely from someone baseless imagination.

    That monster was also something he had never seen before. And that man who came to her rescue...

    He narrowed his eyes slightly. "Who was that man?"

    Ning Xuemo didn't hide anything. "My idol! An iron-blooded man of steel!"


    "The person I admire." Ning Xuemo gave him an explanation.

    "You like this type of man?" Jiu Zun felt that her aesthetic sense was weird. Such a rough and unrefined man, what was there to like?

    "Yes, this what you called a true man! A real man should look like that!"

    Jiu Zun shot her another glance. "So that's why you threw yourself into his arms? Do you have a habit of taking advantage of men?" His tone grew somewhat colder.

    Ning Xuemo secretly rolled her eyes. The way he said it was as if she was a lecherous woman!

    She lived for so long, yet she hadn't ever properly kissed a man!

    Earlier, she thought she was going to die, so she wanted to die without regrets, thus giving her the courage to kiss her idol...

    "What do you mean taking advantage of men?" Ning Xuemo refuted. "I just kissed him!"

    "But you also kissed benzun!" There was a faint hint of unpleasantness in Jiu Zun's tone.

    "Dear, you're only a little kid... How are you a man?" Ning Xuemo was speechless. She decided to change the topic. "So, how do we leave this place?"

    She looked at her body with a feeling of surrealness. "I remember when we were sucked in  that vortex and we fell into this place. How comes it suddenly becomes a world of illusions created from my imagination?"

    "You want to know?"

    "Of course!"

    "Then go out and take a look for yourself!" Jiu Zun lifted his hand and a wave of white light shot out!

    Ning Xuemo only felt that her surroundings suddenly brightened. Then, her forehead was abruptly pierced with pain before the darkness in front of her was slowly dispersed by the white light...
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