Chapter 215 – This F*cking Brat is Playing Rogue!

    Chapter 215 - This F*cking Brat is Playing Rogue!

    Her eyes shot open and she discovered that her surroundings had completely changed.

    That dark place in the middle of the ocean, the Godzilla, the weird stones... they were all gone.

    She was currently lying down on a clean stone. A small child was nestled on top of her, their bodies sticking closely together as their hands were entangled. This posture was extremely intimate.

    His head was resting on her chest. His silver hair, which was like moonlight, was spread out. Its texture felt like silk or satin on her skin, slightly tickling her.

    'Wait a second!' Ning Xuemo seemed to have discovered something. She hurriedly scanned her body.

    And then, her face became like this: !

    Her body was practically naked, the white robe disappeared to who knows where. Only her handmade panties were still there to provide some cover.

    The little kid was only wearing his apron while sprawled on top of her, his four limbs sticking closely to her without the slightest gap.

    Although Ning Xuemo had thick skin, she could not help but be thunderstruck by her current situation!

    'This f*cking brat is playing rogue!'

    She lifted her hand to push away the child on her chest. A faint white light flashed in front of her before Jiu Zun, who had been sprawled on top of her, suddenly vanished.

    Ning Xuemo immediately sat up, her arms covering her chest and scanning her surroundings. And then, she secretly ground her teeth!

    In the blink of an eye, Jiu Zun had already changed attires. His apron was nowhere to be seen and he was wearing that elegant, whiter than snow robe. He stood there calmly, as if the nearly naked child sprawled in her arms just now was not him.

    He tossed over a robe. "Wear it!"

    Ning Xuemo decided to temporarily put aside finding trouble with him as she hurriedly put on the robe. "What were you doing just now?" Although she always felt that Jiu Zun was a bit eccentric, she never would have thought that he had that kind of perverted hobby.

    Jiu Zun did not even turn around to look at her as he walked off. "You were sleeping like a pig who wouldn't awaken even if lightning were to strike you. Benzun could only personally go and fetch you."

    Not even getting hit by lightning would wake her, and getting kicked would do nothing.

    So he could only risk himself by using the Soul Soothing Art to enter her consciousness. However, it's only in that kind of position that he could use the technique...

    "You're the pig! The reason why I fainted was because of this strange cave wasn't it? Just what is going on? Where is this place?" Ning Xuemo hurriedly caught up to him in two steps and impolitely refuted him.

    Ning Xuemo scanned her surroundings. She had already determined that they were inside a mountain cave, and a weird one at that.

    The cave walls were deep blue in colour and translucent. Inside the rock wall, there seemed to be water rippling, which made it seem like it was paved out of crystals.

    Ning Xuemo had the impression that they were walking in some kind of underwater tunnel under the sea, worthy of being compared to a touristic spot. Everything was so bizarre, yet she could not see from where they fell into the cave.

    Looking ahead, the crystal tunnel was extremely long. There were many bends and curves that lead to some unknown destinations.

    "Little girl, you are quite lucky! You actually manage to stumble upon a 10,000 years old Stone Essence spirit! We are currently in its belly. As to why you would faint, it should be because of the energy field in here which causes people to enter their heart's devil. In that place, everything that you fear will become reality... until your mind is finally devoured and your soul scattered." He clearly had the appearance and voice of a child, yet his tone was too indifferent, like flowing ice hitting a mountain rock. Even if the voice was not pleasant to the ears, it caused one to feel quite strange.

    After he had explained so much, Ning Xuemo roughly understood the majority of it, but there were still some parts she did not quite understand. She immediately asked the most important questions. "What's a Stone Essence spirit? Is it an animal or a plant? Since it forced people to enter their heart's devil, how come you're unaffected?"

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