Chapter 216 – To Benefit at Other’s Expense

    Chapter 216 - To Benefit at Other's Expense

    "A stone essence spirit is a plant that is formed after the essences of Heaven and Earth are absorbed and condensed by 10,000 mountains. They could either be large or small and could take the shape of all living things. They don't have a specific form. They usually hide deep within the mountains and only appear once every thousand years. Furthermore, the place that they appear is not set, neither is the time."

    She ran into something that would only appear once every thousand years! She really had quite the luck!

    Ning Xuemo did not know whether she should laugh or cry. This stone spirit seemed similar to her world's fairytale on Mountain Gods...

    'Created by the essence of mountains, was that not a Mountain God?'

    They were in a Mountain God's stomach?! This matter was very startling...

    Then, right now, were they in its esophagus, stomach or intestines? How were they supposed to get out? Could it be that they had to take the "rear" exit? Would they come across the remains of the other food the stone essence spirit swallowed?

    Countless questions floated in Ning Xuemo's mind. She chose the most important one to ask. "How do we get out?"

    "I don't know." He answered frankly. "This is also the first time benzun has come here."

    'Great...' Ning Xuemo shut up.

    She was definitely a top-notch Goddess of Fortune as she, unexpectedly, ran into something like this not long after transmigrating.

    'Would the stone spirit's stomach have treasures?'

    It must have eaten quite a few good things after all these years. Who knows, there might be some rare and weird valuable treasures in here...

    Once again scanning her surroundings, she could not see anything dangerous. This tunnel was very clean. The floor was made of the same material as the walls, a crystal-like brick. The surface she walked on was not hard on her feet. Along the way, they would occasionally see large stones of different shapes and sizes.

    The stone Ning Xuemo was lying on earlier was the same as these stones. A large stone appeared in front of them. Ning Xuemo examined it before her heart suddenly moved!

    The large stone was shaped like a large python. Its body was long and, at the front, one could vaguely make out the shape of a snake's head with its mouth opened wide. Compared to the greatest masterpieces of master sculptors, this statue was even more perfect.

    It was translucent and the same colour as the surrounding walls. Because of that, it was possible to see a shadow coalesced inside of it...

    Ning Xuemo focused on the shadow for a moment before her eyes widened in surprise. "Why does it seem like something is sealed inside of the stone?! Eh? There really is a python inside! And it's missing its skin!"

    "These stones were originally those creatures who accidentally erred in here." Said Jiu Zun, the omniscient.

    Ning Xuemo recalled the stones they passed through earlier. They did seem to be shaped like all kinds of animals...

    The number of strange shaped large stones they encountered grew. Under Ning Xuemo's careful examination, she discovered that there were all sorts of animals sealed inside these strange stones, which seemed as if they were formed from the animals' original shapes. They somewhat resembled those tiny insects stuck in amber...

    Amber was formed from hardened resin, and any bugs that just happened to be stuck in the resin before it hardened would be forever sealed inside it. These animals in front of her had such large bodies, so how come they were sealed in the blue stones, and why were they all skinless?

    Jiu Zun, who was walking in front, suddenly stopped in front of a tall and thin large rock.

    There were not many things that would get this Jiu Zun kid to pause. Ning Xuemo stopped examining a tiger-shaped stone and quickly walked towards the tall and thin stone. After carefully examining it, her face changed slightly. "There's a person inside!"

    There was indeed a person sealed inside this large stone. However, not only did this person have his skin intact, he was even wearing clothes!
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