Chapter 217 – The Sealed Prince

    Chapter 217 - The Sealed Prince

    This person was an extraordinarily handsome man, with sword-like brows and star-like eyes, a high nose and thin lips. His hair was tied up using a green jade hairpin and he was wearing a light blue robe. The quality of his robe was obviously quite good; The colour was as gentle as lake water and it was embroidered with scale-like patterns. On his waist, there was a crystal clear white jade belt, on which hung a jade ornament depicting a pair of fish which shone with a bright light.

    His standing position was a bit weird; Both his arms were stretched out and curved slightly towards each other, as if he was hugging something.

    His expression showed pain, yet at the same time, happiness could be seen. Dropped next to his foot, a weirdly shaped sword lay.

    He was frozen in there in this way for who knew how long, like a timeless fossil...

    Ning Xuemo's gaze was fixed on handsome man's face, then she turned her sight to his collar. On the left side of the collar, there was an obscure cloud-shaped mark. While on the right side of the collar, there was nine stars.

    'This man is from the Sun Moon Sect!'

    'Not only that, those stars mean that he's the Ancestor's direct disciple!'

    In the Sun Moon Sect, only the Ancestor's legacy successor could have the nine stars embroidered.

    'Who could he be?'

    The Ancestor had 18 disciples in total. Currently, only 12 of them are still alive and their whereabouts were also well documented.

    This person must be one of those six dead disciples.

    Amongst them, the sixth disciple was the strongest and had cultivated to Earth realm, rank 9th. Although after reaching that level, it would extend one's lifespan, but it didn't spare people from growing old or dying. As for the other five, they had already passed away and supposedly had a pretty good end.

    Only the fifth disciple went missing at the prime of his life...

    As to how he went missing, due to the passing of many years, as well as the fact the Sun Moon Sect tended to be secretive about their own matters, no one knew.

    Ning Xuemo was able to glean something from the few written records about it. From the fragments of stories, she discovered that not only was he the Ancestor's disciple, he was also a once in a millennium genius cultivator, and a highly skilled and powerful prince.

    At a young age, he broke through the earth realm, rank 6. Everyone believed he was the candidate with the most potential to break through the cycle of life and death. He was also the Ancestor's most favored disciple and was the one who had inherited the most number and most profound of his skills.

    If he were to ascend the throne, he would have become the greatest emperor through all eternity. However, no one expected that at the age of 27 or 28, he suddenly disappeared...

    From then onwards, the Ancestor did not receive any more disciples from the imperial families.

    Thus, that was the main reason why although Ji Yunhuang was a genius, the Ancestor did not take him as a disciple.

    Ning Xuemo looked at the peerlessly talented man sealed in stone. There was no need to ask. This should be the missing prince, the Ancestor's most proud fifth disciple.

    Ning Xuemo glanced at the little kid next to her. He had his head raised as he looked at the translucent stone sculpture in silent. It was also impossible to tell what kind of expression he had on his face. Only his blue eyes, like moonlight shining on an ice lake, were faintly gleaming.

    Ning Xuemo no longer watched him. She lightly stroked the prince stone sculpture with her hand. "His skin didn't shed... How did he die?"

    Jiu Zun's tone was apathetic, "His power was great. It was unlikely that he was injured by the sky-splitting wind when entering inside the stone spirit. That's why his skin is still intact. However, he couldn't escape from the nightmare created by his heart's devil and ended up with soul flying away and scattering."

    'So, there was this kind of consequence! Unexpectedly, the heart' devil's nightmare could make the soul of such a genius fly away and scatter!'

    Her strength could be regarded as half-baked and she was more or less a rookie in cultivation. If Jiu Zun did not use a special technique to enter her mind and save her, she would probably be completely swallowed by her heart's devil without any dregs of her soul left. What remained would only be an empty shell that had turned to stone, forever accompanying the others creatures that had mistakenly erred here.

    'Wait a moment, did he say there was a sky-splitting wind outside of the entrance? Could it be what tore off the skin of anything that entered?' Then, how come she was perfectly fine?
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