Chapter 218 – You Have No Future With…

    Chapter 218 - You Have No Future With...

    Then, she remembered that time when she was being tossed around in the vortex; she touched something that felt like flesh and thought it was the monster's intestinal walls... Now she knew she must have been surrounded by protection barriers; otherwise, she would have been injured by the sky-splitting wind and wouldn't be able to safely land inside.

    Without asking, those protection barriers must have been casted by Jiu Zun.

    So it turns out that since encountering this stone essence spirit, Jiu Zun had silently saved her life twice already.

    Alright, on account of the fact he had saved her twice, she would magnanimously not pursue how he had forced her to jump off the cliff...

    She shot him another glance. She hadn't really paid much attention before, but now that she was, she noticed that he wasn't looking too good; his complexion was paler, even his originally vibrant red lips now seemed like withered flower petals, causing people to feel heartache when looking at him.

    "Jiu Zun, thanks for saving me twice. I won't keep pursuing your previous teasing. Right now, both of us are even."

    "Even?" Jiu Zun's mouth lightly tugged, but he didn't admit or deny it.

    Because of this girl suddenly charging in, he was forced to stop his cultivation halfway, inhibiting him from regaining his original appearance. Even his strength decreased sharply, now he didn't even possess 20% of his real strength.

    He had originally planned to hurriedly send her off the mountain so that he could be done with the matter, yet he didn't expect to encounter this stone essence spirit...

    This time in order to save her twice, he expended more than half of his current strength; this is truly adding hail to snow!

    Though this little lady was a very unique existence, she was also an absolute troublemaker! It made him somewhat speechless.

    Right now, they definitely weren't even. Sooner or later he would get her to pay him back in full so that his efforts weren't going to be wasted...

    He stopped looking at the stone statue and started to stride away. "Let's go."

    Because of his short stature, his legs were short too. Plus, he wasn't using any special technique to move, so Ning Xuemo caught up to him in a few steps. Feigning casualness she asked, "You seem to be fairly well acquainted with the Ancestor, so you should know who that person in the statue is right?"

    "What if I do know him and what if I don't?" Jiu Zun didn't stop his footsteps.

    "That person is the Ancestor's missing disciple. After much difficulty in finding him here, aren't you going to bring his corpse out? Even if we don't give it to the Ancestor, we should at least bury him and let him rest in peace..."

    "The body is nothing but a vessel, not any different from grass and wood. Since he has already turned into a mountain stone, just let him remain here." Jiu Zun remained unmoved. He didn't have the slightest intention of bringing the prince's corpse out for a proper burial.

    'Truly cold-blooded!'

    Ning Xuemo overtook him in a few steps. Her words filled of gossip, "That should be the Ancestor's fifth disciple, right? He looks really handsome! I heard that he's a prince too..."

    "You've heard quite a bit about it." Jiu Zun gave her these few words, assessing her knowledge.

    "I heard he was a genius who possessed heaven defying talent and intelligence. If he had managed to ascend to the imperial throne, he might have been the greatest emperor to transcend through the ages. The number of girls who like him is definitely not small!" Ning Xuemo continued in gossip-mode.

    "Uh." This time Jiu Zun's reply was even shorter.

    Ning Xuemo had wanted to dig out more information from his mouth but hadn't thought that he would be this tight-lipped, resulting in her not gaining anything.

    She lightly pursed her lips and continued to gossip about this prince, speaking about all she knew about him.

    She possessed a great ability in speaking; she could probably speak endlessly.

    But Jiu Zun didn't respond much to her gossiping. The most he replied was about 3 to 5 words.

    Only when her incessant chatter went on for about 3 to 4 minutes non-stop did he finally answer with a proper sentence. "Stop going crazy over him! He has already been dead for a thousand years; you have no future with him."
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