Chapter 220 – You, Degenerate Kid!

    Chapter 220 - You, Degenerate Kid!

    However, Ning Xuemo wasn't worried. Right now, it was just the two of them in this place. In this foreign environment they had to work together, so she wasn't afraid that he would abandon her and leave on his own.

    Besides, this wasn't a place that they should linger in for too long. Even if he punished her by forcing her to maintain a horse stance, it wouldn't be for too long.

    She usually used the horse stance to train her lower body's stability, so she'll just treat this as practice!

    She simply shut her eyes and silently adjusted her breathing.

    After she did that, she discovered that within her body a somewhat unfamiliar energy had increased quite a bit. It was circulating slowly throughout her body, bringing a comfortable sensation like a stream flowing through mountains.

    'This should be psychokinesis.' She finally accumulated psychokinesis!

    She knew that all her psychokinesis would get devoured by her dantian, so she deliberately stored her psychokinesis away from there and only let it circulate everywhere else.

    And then she discovered a pleasant surprise.

    She had been in danger quite a few times and received quite a few external injuries as a result. Though she had treated them earlier, the time they were given to heal was too short. Therefore, some of these injuries still occasionally ached, while a few had re-opened...

    But after this stream of psychokinesis flowed past these places, those injuries actually started healing rapidly!

    Although she couldn't see for herself, she could feel the itchiness that came from wounds being healed. It was like she was in a game and had a rejuvenation spell casted on her!

    After she circulated the psychokinesis for one complete cycle around her body, she opened her eyes.

    She didn't know for how long she had maintained the horse stance, but she could feel that her legs were aching until they were almost numb, and she was unable to move them.

    "Hey, Jiu Zun, have you had enough? Hurry up and let me go!" Ning Xuemo's mouth could still move. In the end, she had no other choice but to speak.

    There was no movement behind her.

    "I know you're back there. This is enough, hurry up and let me go. I'll apologise okay?" If the hard way wouldn't work, then use the soft way.

    Still no movement.

    She paused for a moment, concentrating on listening. Her surroundings felt like being an ancient tomb; not a single sound could be heard. Not even his breathing could be heard...

    That brat couldn't have run off and left her by herself could he?!

    'Plop!' Something landed on her head. She was startled to discover that thing on top of her head was quite heavy and didn't have any intention of moving away. Instead, it weighed her down.

    Ning Xuemo thought of the various stone statues she had seen in the passageway and felt like her hairs were standing on their ends!

    Those stone statues were like stalagmites that could commonly be found in caves formed after long years of accumulation of dripping liquid, petrifying whatever lied within.

    What dripped on her head just now should be that kind of liquid...

    A bit of panic surfaced in her heart, as she couldn't help but call out a few more times.

    Soft words, hard words, pleading for mercy, threats, she had spoken them all yet there was still no movement.

    Her surroundings stayed as it was without any sign of movement. It was as if Jiu Zun really left and stopped caring about her.

    She became more and more terrified. Since calling for help wouldn't work, she would just have free herself. She started to use her psychokinesis to attack the region where her acupoints were sealed.

    However, it was clear that Jiu Zun's binding technique didn't have anything to do with acupuncture points. She persisted for a long while yet didn't manage to do anything.

    Her body still couldn't move. The rate of the liquid dropped on her head started to increase. She felt like she was wearing a steel helmet, causing her head to get heavier and heavier.

    A drop landed on her nose. She was terrified to discover that the liquid didn't continue rolling downwards but instead solidified there...

    If this continued, her face would be completely covered, and not long after, she would become a stone statue after suffocating to death!

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