Chapter 221 – Treasuring Words Like Gold

    Chapter 221 - Treasuring Words Like Gold

    "Jiu Zun you degenerate! I curse you to never grow up and to remain a kid forever!" Ning Xuemo finally could not help but start cursing him.

    "What did you say?" There was finally some movement from behind her. A small body slowly made its way into her field of vision. A pair of deep blue eyes calmly stared at her.

    'So he didn't leave!'

    He had always been hidden behind her!

    "Apologize! Apologize and benzun will release you." Jiu Zun's facial expression became calmer. His condition seemed better than before, his originally pale face now had a healthy, apple-like blush to it. It seemed like he recovered quite a bit.

    After being acquainted with her for while, he roughly understood her character. So, he thought that she would continue to pretend to be strong and say "No", but, contrary to expectations, she actually smiled and bluntly said, "Sorry."

    The most important requirement of a secret service agent was flexibility and great adaptability no matter the circumstances, which included the quality of being able to judge when one should concede or stand firm, and to tolerate many unbearable things.

    Her words were blunt, but also had a faint feeling of alienation.

    Jiu Zun's eyes flashed. He observed her expression for a moment.

    Ning Xuemo did not react. "Jiu Zun, I already apologised. Can you let me go now?"

    Jiu Zun's sleeve lifted. Ning Xuemo's body finally responded to her commands. She had regained her freedom. She stretched her stiffened limbs for a bit. When the numbness in her legs finally faded, she immediately started striding forwards.

    'She finally stopped being a chatterbox.'

    Jiu Zun was more satisfied as he relaxedly followed her.

    This tunnel was actually longer than expected. Both of them, one in front and the other following behind, walked for around 4 hours, but they had yet to see the end of the tunnel.

    Moreover, they had the impression that they were in a digestive tract as the tunnel curved and bent quite frequently. Aside from the stone statues which appeared at the beginning, there was nothing else. Once they walked deeper inside, there weren't even anymore stone statues...

    The entire time, Ning Xuemo was exceptionally quiet. She had not spoken a single sentence. Only the sound of their footsteps echoed through the tunnel.

    Jiu Zun lifted his head to look at Ning Xuemo, who was moving forward in large strides. The expression in his eyes was complicated.

    He had always enjoyed silence. All of his disciples did not dare to disturb him so they did not say anything unnecessary in front of him. His days were like a pool of water, calm and without ripples.

    Ever since he met her, his calm and quiet lifestyle had been thoroughly disrupted!

    She loved to talk, and since she did not know his true identity, her speech was very impudent as she kept being willful and unbridled. Playing jokes on him, even molesting him... He was very unaccustomed to these but he felt that he could still tolerated her actions.

    When she was still chattering incessantly, he despised the noise she made to the point he was tempted to seal her mouth with a technique. However, now that she was suddenly quieter, he felt that he was missing something...

    "How did you get into the 9th mountain?" He broke his own rule by initiating a conversation with her.

    "A bird picked me up." This time she was the one treasuring words like gold.

    'No wonder this rookie could enter the 9th mountain.' This really was a chance amongst a chance situation.

    "You were picked up by the Golden-eyed Falcon as food? You lived while your friend was eaten?" Jiu Zun obviously had a strong deduction ability. Linking her actions and words from before to this piece of information, he had managed to roughly guess what had happened.

    "Yeah." This time she only answered with one word.

    "Earlier, before we dropped down here, the monkey-like thing which attack you is called a Stone Roar. It has a symbiotic relationship with the stone essence spirit. Wherever it appears, stone essence spirits are likely to appear, and it would even help the stone essence spirit to lure prey..." Jiu Zun started giving her an explanation on why he would not let her near the stone wall earlier as well as broadening her knowledge at the same time.

    "Oh." His long explanation only got one syllable from her.
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