Chapter 222 – So Many of Your Kind! (1)

    Chapter 222 - So Many of Your Kind! (1)

    Jiu Zun was obviously not someone used to driving a conversation and, as Ning Xuemo continued to treasure her words like gold, he was also unable to continue speaking and silence fell once more in the tunnel.

    They walked like this for another 4km before a white light could suddenly be seen in front of them.

    The two had walked in this blue crystal environment for so long that they already grew weary of the sight. Now that they could suddenly see light at the end of the tunnel, excitement swelled inside of them.

    Jiu Zun could still portray calmness, but Ning Xuemo cheered as she ran towards that light. "Oh! Oh! Daylight, daylight!"

    'My god!' She could finally get out of here!

    Heaven knows she was going crazy from seeing that completely blue place for so long!

    She was still cautious though. When she got closer to the light, she slowed down and only after ensuring this was a cave entrance did she run out. However, what she saw afterwards caused her to skid to a halt.


    When she ran past the cave entrance, the scenery beyond was not the daylight she had hope to see.

    What she saw was an extremely large space, eight times bigger than the capital's stadium.

    And in the middle of this large space was a large tree with lush foliage.

    Ning Xuemo had never seen such a thick and large tree before. A few dozens of people might not be able to encircle it even if they linked their arms. The tree bark was extremely wrinkled, like the wrinkles one might find on an old person.

    As compared to its width, the tree was not that tall. At most it was about 20 to 30 meters high and covered with leaves. The canopy was so large it nearly covered the entire space.

    What made Ning Xuemo surprised was not the canopy, but the fruits that could be occasionally seen between the leaves...

    'Ginseng fruits! They're ginseng fruits! They're really ginseng fruits!'[1]

    The moment she saw these fruits, these words kept repeating inside her mind.

    The fruits on the tree looked exactly the same as the ginseng fruits described in "Journey to the West"[2]. They were shaped like a child seated cross-legged with white skin and a smiling face. Their limbs sticking closely to their fat body which is about the size of a large pear. The fruits could occasionally be seen from the gap between the leaves.

    She had not thought that the tree really existed!

    'Struck it big!' She really struck it big this time!

    There was actually such a great treasure in the stone essence spirit's belly!

    Ning Xuemo smiled all the way up to her eyes.

    "Jiu Zun, is this place your old home? There's so many of your kind!" Due to joy, Ning Xuemo was finally willing to speak to Jiu Zun again.

    Jiu Zun "..."

    He looked at the ginseng fruits on the tree as a hint of astonishment flitted across his eyes. Hearing Ning Xuemo's words, he pursed his lips. "These are ginseng fruits!"

    "I know. Ginseng fruits and ginsengs are pretty much the same!" Ning Xuemo leapt forward and started counting the fruits that could be seen from between the gaps of the leaves. "1, 2, 3... 8."

    After spending quite a bit of effort she finished counting them and turned her head to look at Jiu Zun. There was surprise showing inside her glistening eyes. "There's a total of 8 fruits... Jiu Zun, since you are 9 (Jiu), are you sure those aren't your siblings?"

    Jiu Zun, "...Benzun has said before, I am not!"

    "That's great then!" Ning Xuemo was already prepared to go pick the fruits. "Jiu Zun, do you have any golden metal sticks?" She remembered in Journey to the West, picking these fruits required a golden metal stick. Nothing else would do.

    "No." Jiu Zun looked at the fruits. It was also the first time he saw them.

    Since they came across the fruits, how could they just leave just like that?

    "What do you need a golden metal stick for?" Puzzled, Jiu Zun once again looked at Ning Xuemo who was rolling up her sleeves in order to climb the tree.

    The corner of Ning Xuemo's mouth lifted slightly. She did not answer his question. After she was done, her body leapt up the tree trunk.

    [1]This is a picture of a real life pear shaped into ginseng fruits replicas : picture

    [2]Journey to the West is a sill popular classic novel from the Ming Dynasty. It's a pilgrimage story of a monk to India which was filled with dangers and wonders. For more informations, click here.
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