Chapter 223 – So Many of Your Kind! (2)

    Chapter 223 - So Many of Your Kind! (2)

    When it came to climbing trees, if she said she was number two, no one else would dare to call themselves number one.

    Unexpectedly, her feet had just touched the tree trunk when that seemingly hard and solid tree bark suddenly sank inwards. Ning Xuemo was not prepared for this so her feet were sucked in!

    After getting a shock, she tried to pull out her legs, but they seemed to have been stuck by something and she was unable to exert any strength. This attempt to free herself only caused her to sink in further, like she had fallen into a quagmire, sinking deeper and deeper.

    'Could this ginseng fruit tree be a man-eating tree?!'

    A light flashed in Ning Xuemo's eyes. She wanted to eat its fruit, not get eaten by it!

    Her feet were sinking at a speed visible to the naked eye. Ning Xuemo did not dare to tarry any longer. She took out her short blade and stabbed at the tree!

    'Pu~' This stab caused the blade to sink into the tree trunk, impossible to be retrieved.

    The tree swallowed the blade even faster. In the blink of an eye, it had been swallowed up to the hilt. If Ning Xuemo did not release it now, her hand would be devoured too!

    She had no other choice but to release her grip, and watch the blade that helped her pass through countless dangers sink deeper into the tree, until it finally disappeared from her sight.

    The place where the blade had been stabbed into regained its original appearance, without the slightest mark left behind.

    'Wasn't metal supposed to restrain wood?'

    Why did her thousand years cold iron blade get eaten by wood?!

    As of now, her feet had already completely sunk into the tree, and her calves were about to undergo the same fate. The body parts swallowed by the tree hurt, as if there were knives stabbing them. The feeling was similar to countless tiny mouths biting on her.

    She was suspended there, completely unable to extricate herself from the situation.

    All of this happened very quickly. From her first jump up the tree to her feet being sucked in, only 10 or so seconds had gone by.

    'The ginseng fruit tree was actually a man-eating tree, this is too vile!'

    Ning Xuemo could not help but look at Jiu Zun. Would he save her?

    Could he save her?

    When she had started sinking, Jiu Zun had already arrived by the side of the tree, his expression serious. Lights were shot out from his hand which directly landed on the large tree.

    His moves had always been strong. Even if it was an iron tree of similar dimensions to this one, the lights he shot out would definitely be able to break it, much less this tree!

    However, they were useless now. This tree was unexpectedly able to eat anything, even the lights he shot over were eaten. Many rays of different coloured lights landed on the tree but disappeared the next moment. They were completely useless.

    In this short amount of time, Ning Xuemo's calves had sunk in completely.

    'It's too late!'

    Ning Xuemo steeled her heart and yelled. "Jiu Zun, cut off my legs!"

    Jiu Zun paused slightly before ignoring her and continuing to shoot out lights which constantly hit the tree, but it was completely ineffective.

    Ning Xuemo was anxious. With the sight of her knees on the verge of sinking in, she knew that if she did not act now, her thighs would not be saved.

    Her body suddenly curled up and using the edge of her palm like a knife, she ruthlessly slashed towards her legs!

    At this desperate moment, she could only abandon her legs to keep her life!

    "Wait a minute!" A white light shot, intercepting Ning Xuemo's palms.

    Ning Xuemo lowered her head. Her eyes were fiercely staring at Jiu Zun from above. "I don't want to be a cripple either but I don't want to die even more!"

    "With benzun here, you won't lose any limbs!" Jiu Zun gave a succinct answer before suddenly punching the huge tree!

    Her heart felt like it was going to pop out. "Hey, don't touch the tree, it'll eat your hand!"

    She hadn't finished her words when his fist hit the tree!

    Ning Xuemo did not know how much power Jiu Zun packed in his punch.
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