Chapter 224 – So Many of Your Kind! (3)

    Chapter 224 - So Many of Your Kind! (3)

    Ning Xuemo didn't know how much power Jiu Zun packed in his punch, but after his fist landed on the tree, the tree started to sway and shake as if it had been struck by thunder and lightning. From the tree bark, scarlet juice seeped out like blood.

    Its size was enormous, so when it shook it made the ground tremble as if there an earthquake occurred.

    From somewhere deep inside the tree trunk, an extremely ear-piercing sharp hiss could be heard, sounding like cry but also like a laugh.

    Ning Xuemo's legs had finally been spit out by the tree trunk. She started falling headfirst into the ground.

    Because the distance was too short, Ning Xuemo didn't have time to adjust her falling position and could only shut her eyes, while shifting her inner energy to the top of her head in preparation for crashing into the ground.

    Someone with gentle strength grabbed her, supported her waist and then, flipped her upright just as she was about to hit the ground.

    Ning Xuemo staggered as her feet finally touched the ground.

    Her body tilted to the side and started falling!

    Although her feet and calves had been released, she could no longer feel any sensation from them...

    Her body didn't hit the ground, instead she found herself held by a pair of arms.

    Ning Xuemo's eyes shot open before she went !

    Her upper body had landed on Jiu Zun's shoulder. Compared to his tiny body, her originally small and delicate body seemed like a giant in his arms!

    This scene wrecked her three views!

    Ning Xuemo tried to free herself from his arms as she wanted to reach the ground by herself, but she didn't expect that countless long tree roots shot out from the quaking ground. It seemed like the ginseng fruit tree wanted to capture both of them!

    Jiu Zun carried her as he sprinted towards the cave entrance they just came out from.

    The difference between their statures was glaring. If Ning Xuemo was the one carrying him while they ran, it would have seemed more natural.

    However, when it was him carrying her, it was like a tiny mouse pulling a wooden shovel, with the shovel head being dragged behind.

    Fortunately, his speed was extremely quick. He ran like the wind. The upper half of Ning Xuemo's body became suspended in midair, while her lower half was dragged around by Jiu Zun, resembling a flag fluttering in the wind...

    From behind, the apocalyptic sounds could be heard as countless tree roots chased after them like large flying snakes.

    Luckily, Jiu Zun was fast enough and had plenty of tricks in his arsenal. Just as the roots were about to catch up, he would launch a few rays of light. Although the rays of light couldn't cut these roots, it could at least delay them momentarily.

    Finally, they both managed to reach the tunnel they came out from.

    The roots seemed particularly fearful of the tunnel and didn't dare to chase them any further. They only circled around the entrance for a bit before drilling back into the ground. Slowly, the tree regained its calmness.

    Ning Xuemo sat near the tunnel entrance. Seeing that tree calming down, she finally relaxed slightly.

    Only now did she have time to take a look at her legs. The moment she saw the state they were in, even if she was used to seeing many things, she couldn't help but shiver!

    The area below her knees were covered in countless swaying thin roots similar to cow hair. They were so dense it was as if her leg hairs had grown to an inch or more, as if she was wearing a pair of cowhide boots...

    Those fine roots seemed to have their own will, as they kept drilling into her legs. Now that her legs had regained a bit of sensation, they started to hurt and itch at the same time, making her wish she could just cut them off.

    'Heavens, what is this monster?!'

    Ning Xuemo was about to pull them out with her hand, wanting to completely uproot them.

    "Don't move!" Jiu Zun stopped her, his eyes also fixed on those tiny roots. "You won't be able to pull them out. They would just drill into your hand as well..."

    "Then what should we do?" This made Ning Xuemo's hair stand on end.

    "Let me think of a way." Jiu Zun pressed his hand on her thigh to prevent her from moving recklessly.
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