Chapter 226 – The Adorable Little Mythical Beast (1)

    Chapter 226 - The Adorable Little Mythical Beast (1)

    Those roots weren't on her legs any more, but her originally pretty legs were now a bloody mess. There was no more skin covering anything below her knees!

    Ning Xuemo was a doctor herself and one with high medical skills no less. But even with her skin, it was impossible for her to quickly regrow any skin on such a large expanse of skinless legs!

    This kind of injury would need a skin grafting operation in order to properly heal, but where would she be able to find enough skin to treat herself?

    No matter where she'll take skin on her own body, she wouldn't be able to bear it.

    However if her legs remained like this, there's no way she could show them to others!

    Ning Xuemo could only feel that this world is out to get her!

    "The muscles and bones are fine. You'll be able to walk properly." Jiu Zun obviously had different priorities than she did.

    He passed over a small bottle with the intention of having her apply medicine. "This medicine is pretty good at blocking pain. It'll be able to temporarily suppress your pain."

    Ning Xuemo extended her hand and grabbed his wrist, putting a stop to his movement. She anxiously stared at him. "Jiu Zun, does this medicine have the effect of regrowing skin? You're so skilled, so you should have a way to restore my skin back to normal, right?"

    'This person should be omnipotent right? Right? Right?'

    "I don't!" Jiu Zun snatched back his wrist. "This medicine can only relieve pain."

    Even he didn't have any way to get her skin to grow back?

    Ning Xuemo immediately felt depressed, her small face falling.

    She was someone with many shortcomings, except her love for beauty. She could withstand bone-piercing pain but couldn't stand not being pretty again.

    She looked at her bloody pair of skinless legs, and her forehead creased, as if she was mourning her dead mother.

    This was the first time Jiu Zun had seen her like this.

    Even after encountering danger so many times with her life on the line, she wasn't this dispirited.

    He looked at her legs and pursed his lips, as if he wanted to say something but didn't in the end.

    Ning Xuemo was used to observing other's facial expressions. She immediately looked at him. "What do you want to say? Do you have a way? But it's not easy?"

    Jiu Zun calmly stated. "Qilin scale and Qilin saliva can make damaged skin recover to how it was before, but they have to be used within three days of getting injured. Otherwise, it would be useless. Furthermore, qilins are mythical beasts and aren't easy to find..."

    Ning Xuemo's eyes, which had been lit up, darkened.

    Qilins, ah~ in modern times they were just a myth.

    And they were a rare existence even in this place. Even this omnipotent Jiu Zun already said they weren't easy to find. One could imagine how hard it was to find them. Her legs were doomed to be ugly to the point that she couldn't show them to others...

    "I can heal her legs on the condition that you guys have to bring me out!" A voice suddenly sounded from outside the tunnel. The voice was a bit weird, like a parrot learning how to talk and at the same time sounding like a child.

    "Who is it?" Ning Xuemo lifted her head. 'There is actually other people in here?!'

    "It's me~" The cave entrance darkened slightly as a little freak walked in.

    As to why he was a little freak, that was because he wasn't much taller than Jiu Zun.

    His body was nearly naked, only having a few leaves to cover his waist area.

    His skin was ocean-blue, and at the joints on his limbs one could see dense patches of blue crystal-like scales. A pair of large watery eyes on a childish face with short ocean-blue hair and two long horns poking out of his head...

    The moment Ning Xuemo saw him, the first thing that came to mind was the image of "little dragon kid" that she watched on screen in her childhood.

    'This is... some animal that succeeded in cultivating into a demon?'

    'It's so cute!'

    Especially those eyes, they were especially good looking.

    [1] Qilins are weird looking unicorns that don't just fancy chaste maiden. Click here for the image and here for information.

    [2] It's the main character of a 1992 Chinese TV series called Little Dragon Boy. Click here for picture and here for more information.
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