Chapter 227 – The Adorable Little Mythical Beast (2)

    Chapter 227 - The Adorable Little Mythical Beast (2)

    The little guy arrogantly raised his head, doing his best to make himself a little bit more impressive, a little bit taller. "You must agree, because it's an extremely beneficial condition to you!"

    "And you are?" Ning Xuemo's gaze landed on the scales on his body before suddenly thinking of something, her eyes lighting up. "The mythical qilin?!"

    "Pretty clever of you! That is indeed benshen[1]..." His head lifted even higher.

    It had not finished his sentence when a white light surrounded it, causing it to yelp. After the light faded away, the little freak disappeared and in its place was a qilin.

    It looked similar to the qilins Ning Xuemo had seen online, it's just that this one was not as large as in the myths. It was only about the size of a small pony, the blue scales on its body glittering like crystals.

    His eyes were filled with anger as they glared at Jiu Zun. "You plotted against me!"

    Jiu Zun glanced at it, his tone as calm as ever. "Are you going to offer up a scale on your own or does benzun have to pluck it?"

    "I've told you, bring me out first and I'll consider giving you a scale..." The little qilin's eyes grew even rounder.

    "Benzun will not agree to any conditions." Jiu Zun was a doer. His words had not yet finished when a yellow coloured light shone from his palm and surrounded the little qilin. "Benzun will do it then..."

    The little qilin was clearly not Jiu Zun's match; Its body had been restrained to the point it nearly could not move. Seeing that Jiu Zun was slowly approaching it with the intention of plucking one of its scales, the little qilin got anxious. Finally, it could only unwillingly speak. "I'll do it myself! I'll do it myself!"

    'Humans are too crafty! Too brutal! Mother, I want to go home~'

    The little qilin's face was filled with tears. It did not dare let others pluck its scales...

    If it was not plucked properly it could harm its own vitality.

    Ning Xuemo glanced at Jiu Zun. This fellow was so small yet so brutish!

    Looking at the little qilin once more, she could not help but think, 'Weren't qilins supposed to be a majestic mythical beast from legends?'

    'Why is this one so small?'

    'It's not that powerful either. Actually being completely submissive to Jiu Zun in one move...'

    The little qilin finally plucked out a scale. The process seemed quite uncomfortable; Its horns were trembling from the pain.

    Jiu Zun received it and weighed it in his hand. That qilin scale shrunk into a small ball about the size of a fingernail, its appearance was like a blue pearl. He passed it over to Ning Xuemo. "Swallow it."

    Ning Xuemo naturally did not have any objections as she swallowed that pearl.

    The moment it entered her mouth and slid down her throat, it was like a refreshing stream flowed down her belly, unspeakably comfortable.

    Under Jiu Zun's guidance, she used her psychokinesis to turn the pearl into nutritious elements and transported it to her legs by circulating her psychokinesis.

    Roughly an hour later, Ning Xuemo stopped meditating. The first thing she did when her eyes opened was check her legs.

    And the moment she saw her legs, her eyes lit up!

    'Magical! Simply magical!'

    The previously bloodied and skinless legs were gone, now her legs had regained their former white and tender appearance.

    This body originally had a pair of beautiful legs. Perhaps it was because of the nourishment of the qilin scale, but now that the skin had regrown, it was actually glowing with health more so than before.

    Due to the many days of constant travelling recently, her feet were covered in blisters and boils, but now, those were all gone. The shape of her feet was perfect, like the white half of the moon. The toenails were smooth and pink like pearls. Both of her legs seemed like they were carved out of white jade or crystal, making people who see it want to caress it.

    [1] Similar to benzun (I, this sovereign), but the shen () means god (I, this god). If Japanese only have ore-sama, Chinese has tons of variations to pompously say I.
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