Chapter 228 – The Adorable Little Mythical Beast (3)

    Chapter 228 - The Adorable Little Mythical Beast (3)

    Even the qilin was staring at her legs with his large eyes. "So pretty!"

    It extended its tongue, appearing as if it was about to lick them.

    Jiu Zun forced himself to look away from her legs before using his body to obstruct the little qilin's gaze. "Since it's completely healed then put on your shoes, and let's go!"

    Ning Xuemo put on an innocent expression. "My shoes have been eaten by that damned tree! I don't have any shoes to wear..."

    Jiu Zun paused. "Then wait here." He turned around and walked away.

    Ning Xuemo watched his tiny back and couldn't help but rub her nose.

    'This little kid looks like a child, but his words and actions are completely that of an adult!'

    His every move had an inherent aura of a person with elite status.

    Where would he go to get shoes for her?

    There was only that ginseng fruit tree and some weeds here. Did he want to weave her a pair of straw sandals?

    Forget it. There was no point for her to worry about that problem. That fellow seemed very capable, so she'll just wait for him to get a pair of shoes for her to wear.

    When Ning Xuemo planned out operations back then, although she considered everything down to the smallest detail, she wasn't used to dealing with matters of everyday life. For example, cooking food in the wild or preparing the necessities for daily life. They were all pretty much handled by her subordinates.

    This was the area where she relied on others the most, as clothes were there to be worn when needed and food was always ready for her to eat...

    As a result, she was accustomed to being waited upon by others. It was only that she wasn't used to being waited on by such a small kid. Thinking of this made her feel like she was destroying the future of the country.

    But once she remembered his real identity as a ginseng child, she calmed down.

    She was a bit bored just sitting there, so she once again examined her legs. These pair of legs made her quite satisfied.

    In ancient times, a woman's legs were their second face. In this place, although a woman didn't have to bind their feet, they were still carefully tended to make them small and exquisite, so that they could be more appealing.

    When she lifted her head, she found that the little qilin had once again reverted to the form of a blue child. He was still standing there, his gaze fixed on her legs, his thoughts unknown.

    Ning Xuemo generously lifted her leg. "Are they pretty?"

    The little qilin was extremely honest as he nodded and responded without hesitation. "Very pretty!"

    Ning Xuemo smiled in satisfaction. She sized up the little qilin.

    It appeared a bit uneasy and insecure, and somewhat shy. Its appearance was really similar to a real child, a lost child to be precise.

    Ning Xuemo discovered that she was having a lot of run-ins with children lately. First, she met Jiu Zun, who was a child, and now even this mythical qilin was a child.

    It was just that in Jiu Zun's case, aside from his outer appearances, he wasn't like a real child. He possessed a grandeur that was more than shocking.

    But this little qilin was really like a real kid. He appeared about 5 or 6 years old and had the mentality of a 7 or 8 year old.

    Ning Xuemo looked at him and unexpectedly felt a bit of pity rise in her heart. She decided to start a conversation with him.

    Through their chat, Ning Xuemo discovered that the little qilin wasn't originally from this place but from the mysterious Qilin Clan. He had only ended up here around a thousand years ago due to bumping into the stone essence spirit, while on the search for spirit medicine and had been stuck here ever since.

    He even told her that he had arrived with a very powerful person back then. That person had a similar objective to him, to find the ginseng fruit. Hence they had teamed up.

    When the stone spirit had swallowed them, that person protected him from the sky-splitting wind. However, afterwards, that person had fallen unconscious while standing.

    No matter how it had called out to him, even to the point of the little qilin biting him, he never woke up. On the contrary, that person's breath got weaker and weaker until finally he completely ceased breathing.
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