Chapter 229 – A Cute Pet (1)

    Chapter 229 - A Cute Pet (1)

    In the thousand years it had been trapped in this place, without seeing so much as a living soul, his life was as desolate as winter's snow; He was on the verge of going insane...

    "You will bring me out of here, right? I'm actually very useful, I won't hold you back..." After the little fellow had finished recounting its plights, it looked at Ning Xuemo with large eyes filled with longing.

    It felt that Ning Xuemo should have a good temper and should be easier to talk to, judging from how she was smiling all the time, so it took the chance to make its request.

    Ning Xuemo hugged her knees and looked at it. "What abilities do you have?"

    "I can move the water of the lakes in mountains and valleys. I can make a withered tree flourish again. I can command a group of beasts..." The little qilin lifted a finger for every point. It really was doing its best to promote itself.

    Ning Xuemo's eyes flashed slightly before speaking in a doubtful tone. "Commanding beasts? You?"

    "Of course! Don't just look at my size. Qilins are the kings of ten thousand beasts..."

    "Why do I remember that tigers are the kings of a hundred beasts?" Ning Xuemo interrupted him.

    "So what!" The little qilin's tone was filled with disdain. "They aren't even fit to lick my fur! They're just the kings of the normal forests and mountains and can only just be considered the kings of a hundred beasts. Qilins are the kings of all beasts. I can understand the language of all beasts..."

    Ning Xuemo's eyes lit up. 'This is a great ability!'

    She yawned lazily. "Your abilities could only be used once we get out of here. They are completely useless while we're still stuck inside of the stone essence spirit's belly. There aren't any beasts here who uphold you as their king, nor are there any withered trees for you to revive..."

    As if she had thought of something, "There's nothing to eat here, so how did you survive?"

    The little qilin was stunned for a bit before looking at the ginseng fruit tree a little ways off. "I... I ate its leaves."

    'Qilins were herbivores?'

    Ning Xuemo was surprised. Once again looking at the fruits on the tree, she asked. "Why don't you eat the fruits?"

    "It... It wouldn't let me." The little qilin was obviously feeling a bit upset. "I gave it so much water, yet it wouldn't even give me a single fruit!"

    "So you and that ginseng tree are working together." Ning Xuemo was enlightened before her tone shifted. "You're an accomplice of that damned tree!"

    "No, I'm not! I didn't really help it with anything. I just watered it a bit and it gives me a single leaf per day in exchange. So stingy..." The little qilin hurriedly shook its head.

    "Then why don't you pick them yourself? Didn't you come here for the sake of finding these fruits?"

    "I tried to steal some before..." The little qilin's voice got smaller. "But I got hung on the tree for 10 days..."

    So it seemed like the little qilin had also suffered at that demon tree's hands. The only reason why it had not used the little qilin as fertiliser was probably because the little qilin had more use alive.

    "Ginseng fruits are immortal fruits, so its leaves must be treasures too. Eating them should have been somewhat beneficial to your cultivation." Ning Xuemo comforted him.

    "They're no use! Completely useless! Those leaves could barely fill my stomach, there isn't any helpful immortal energy in them. I've been stuck here for a thousand years and, not only has my cultivation not increased, its regressed instead..." The little qilin complained.

    It was actually like this! It seemed like ginseng fruits were not as mystical as legends claim.

    Ning Xuemo felt like her three views had been refreshed.

    "Maybe the essence is concentrated in the fruits and everything else is just garbage." Ning Xuemo inferred. The poor little qilin had been forced to eat a thousand years worth of rubbish...

    "There isn't any essence in the fruits either." Jiu Zun's voice travelled from the cave mouth.
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