Chapter 230 – A Cute Pet (2)

    Chapter 230 - A Cute Pet (2)

    "There isn't any essence in the fruits either." Jiu Zun's voice travelled from the tunnel entrance. His white silhouette flashed, and he entered in a few steps. He tossed the pair of shoes he was holding in his hand at Ning Xuemo's feet. "Wear them."

    The shoes were vibrant green but looked ordinary. They really weren't like the things Jiu Zun usually took out.

    Though Ning Xuemo wasn't too satisfied with them, it was better to wear them than walking barefoot. When she put them on, she discovered that the size fit as if they were tailor-made for her. They fit perfectly in addition to being very comfortable. Wearing them made Ning Xuemo feel like she was stepping on soft grass.

    "Jiu Zun, where did you get these shoes?" Ning Xuemo tested them out by walking around. The more she walked, the more comfortable they felt. They were even more comfortable than the brocade boots she had been wearing before by a manifold.

    "We shouldn't linger in this place for too long. Let's go." Jiu Zun didn't answer her. Instead, he turned around and exited the tunnel.

    Ning Xuemo followed him out. "Did you find a way out?"

    "Pretty much."

    Ning Xuemo's eyes lit up! With great interest she asked, "Where's the exit?"

    The little qilin who was behind them widened its eyes and stared at Jiu Zun. It had been stuck here for so long and had long explored every nook and cranny of this place. Not to mention the way out, it hadn't even found a mousehole!

    The insides of this stone essence spirit only consisted of the tunnel they came from as well as this wide clearing, nothing else. And from the place they had fallen into the tunnel, there was no exit either.

    How could the number of times that the little qilin explored this place in the past thousand years be less than a thousand?

    This stone essence spirit was like a pixiu[1], as they could only enter but could not leave...

    Jiu Zun's gaze shifted over and landed on the little qilin's body.

    The little qilin was clearly taller than him by half a head, but its demeanor was being constantly suppressed.

    Jiu Zun's gaze was icy cold, causing the little qilin to shiver. It couldn't help but shrink back and hide behind Ning Xuemo's back, his tiny hand holding onto a corner of her skirt, not daring to poke his head out.

    "Come here!" Jiu Zun lightly furrowed his brows. These words were clearly directed at the little qilin.

    The little qilin's body trembled once again as half of its face peeked out timidly from behind Ning Xuemo's back. "Wha-what for?"

    "Since you're a divine beast then you should act like one! Why are you acting so cowardly? Come stand here and speak!" Jiu Zun scolded him, while his aura grew more powerful.

    The little qilin felt a bit afraid of him. It didn't want to come out, but it didn't dare go against Jiu Zun. However, it didn't move further than 60cm from Ning Xuemo. His small hand still gripped onto Ning Xuemo's hem like a scared child holding onto his mother. "What do you want?"

    "You want to leave with us?"

    The little qilin nodded its head as if it was pounding garlic. "Of course, of course!"

    "Ten years!" Jiu Zun slowly spit out these two words.

    'Ah?' The little qilin widened its eyes in confusion.

    "Listen to benzun's orders for ten years, and benzun will bring you out."

    In other words, the little qilin had to be his summoned beast for ten years and could only regain its freedom after this period of time had passed.

    The little qilin's blue face flushed red. "We qilins are divine beasts; we don't take orders from humans!"

    "You've got willpower!" Jiu Zun elegantly praised. "Then you can continue staying here and eat leaves." He pulled on Ning Xuemo's hand. "Let's go."

    They both started striding away in large steps. The little qilin was dazed for a moment before it pursed its lips and followed Ning Xuemo, clearly intending to follow them out.

    Ning Xuemo's left hand was holding onto a tough little pipsqueak while being followed closely by a blue skinned little pipsqueak. This scene made her feel amused.

    [1] A pixiu is a fierce divine beast which can swallow anything in the world. Anything that does in never comes back out. It's another Chinese mythical animal that looks like the combination of different beast : dragon's head with a lion's body. It's often confuse as the qilin or other mythical animals because of some similar points. Click here for the picture and click here for more informations. [TL note : At some points, I'll make a page or post about the difference between all kind of Chinese mythical beasts.]
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