Chapter 231 – A Cute Pet (3)

    Chapter 231 - A Cute Pet (3)

    The two in front of her were clearly older than her by who knew how much, but she was the one who seemed to be the eldest. In the end, she looked like a big sister bringing along her two little brothers out for a stroll...

    They walked like this for only a few steps before Jiu Zun suddenly waved his sleeve, causing a faint yellow light to shoot out. The little qilin's legs suddenly seemed like they were being bound and were unable to move.

    He was greatly startled. Seeing the two of them walking further and further away, he couldn't help but panic. "Hey you can't do that..." His voice brought along a hint of sobbing. It didn't want to remain here alone! It wanted to get out!

    "After we leave, your bindings will release on their own." Jiu Zun didn't turn back.

    The little qilin was really panicking now. Its mind was still that of a child, so it couldn't resist crying. "You're bullying people... Waaah~"

    The sounds of its crying was really loud and nearly heartbreaking, causing people to feel heartache.

    Ning Xuemo wasn't the type of person who had a soft heart but listening to the sounds of this child's crying caused an inexplicable ache, making her pity it even more. She was about to speak when Jiu Zun tightened his grip on her hand before calmly speaking. "Crying is a sign of weakness and won't solve anything."

    Seeing the two of them get further away, the little qilin finally acquiesced. "I'll do it. I'll do it! Just please bring me out..."

    As he spoke, the bindings on his legs finally released themselves. He sprinted toward them and held onto Ning Xuemo's skirt as if he was afraid of being abandoned. He timidly tried to bargain with Jiu Zun. "Can... Can I listen to her orders?"

    Jiu Zun "..." He tightened his face. "Your character isn't suitable for you to follow her. She can't discipline you."

    Hey! Hey!

    Ning Xuemo folded her arms and faintly smiled at Jiu Zun. "Why do you think I can't discipline it? Even Tibetan mastiffs would have obedience instilled in them once they reach my hands!" She had once raised two Tibetan mastiffs in a little villa she owned! They were very fierce towards others, but towards her they were like obedient large cats.

    "I'll listen to big sister's words. I'll protect her." The little qilin hurriedly followed up.

    "Then it's settled. He'll follow me." Ning Xuemo tugged on the little qilin's small green hand, while speaking with an irrefutable tone.

    Jiu Zun lifted his head to look at her. "You're certain you can take care of it? Do you understand the habits of qilins? You're sure you won't turn it into an obedient cat instead?"

    "The habits can be slowly discovered. I'll turn him into a true divine beast." Ning Xuemo proudly raised her head, filled with confidence.

    Jiu Zun made a slightly low hum before surprisingly agreeing quite readily. "That's fine, but benzun has two conditions..."

    With a wave of his sleeve, he turned the little qilin back to its original form. "Number one, it can follow you but not in human form. It can only retain its beast form."

    Little qilin "..."

    Ning Xuemo rubbed its head. "It's fine. You look better in this beast body anyways. Your human form isn't too good-looking."

    The little qilin could only choose to compromise and didn't dare to speak up. It would just stay in its beast form, not much of a problem. The important thing was to get out of this place. At worst it would change back once it left this place.

    "What's the second condition?" Ning Xuemo once again looked at Jiu Zun.

    "The moment we leave, we will go our separate ways. Benzun will not protect you for another day." Jiu Zun raised his final condition.

    Ning Xuemo's heart sank. Even if they exited, they would probably still be in the vicinity of the 9th mountain. At best, they would be on the 8th mountain. With her current strength, she might not be able to leave...

    Furthermore, she would be bringing along this cowardly crybaby...
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