Chapter 232 – A Cute Pet (4)

    Chapter 232 - A Cute Pet (4)

    Furthermore, she would be bringing along the cowardly crybaby qilin. The future didn't look too optimistic.

    She was about to refuse, when the little qilin behind her cut in. "Don't worry; all the beasts in these mountains fear me. You don't need him to protect you. I can ensure your protection. Little Big Sister, let me follow you."

    Ning Xuemo's eyes lit up. She had forgotten that qilins were the monarchs of ten thousand beasts...

    Since it was like this, what did she have to fear?

    She replied very readily. "Okay, you don't have to fulfil your promise from before. We will go our separate ways when we leave this place. You go your own way, and I'll go mine."

    Jiu Zun "..." It seems like this girl wasn't attached to him for the slightest bit...

    Once everything had been decided, Ning Xuemo and the little qilin set up a 10-year contract under Jiu Zun's guidance.

    The contract was very unfair, pretty much a slave contract. In these 10 years, the little qilin had to follow Ning Xuemo and ensure her safety. If Ning Xuemo accidentally died during these 10 years, the little qilin would die too. But if the little qilin died first, Ning Xuemo would still be perfectly fine...

    The little qilin was very unsatisfied with this kind of one-sided contract, but under Jiu Zun's suppression, he didn't even dare fight back.

    He glanced worriedly at Ning Xuemo. This human was too weak; she belonged to the type that could die anytime. His future was very bleak. Sigh.

    If he had known it would be like this earlier, he would have signed the contract with Jiu Zun instead. Although Jiu Zun was shorter than him, his ability wasn't anything to scoff at, and he wouldn't die easily...

    It slightly regretted its decision.

    With Ning Xuemo's acute observation, she immediately noticed that the little qilin was feeling regretful. Raising her head and giving it a faint smile, she spoke. "I won't force any person or beast to stay by my side. You can still change your decision and sign a contract with him instead. He'll treat you really well and won't let you run into danger if he's in a dangerous place..."

    The little qilin shivered. With Jiu Zun's strict personality, if they really were going to dangerous places, he would definitely force it to scout ahead for danger. With his ability, the dangers he would faced were definitely extremely high! As for this young lady, with her average strength she would be unlikely to go on an adventure, so it would probably be safer with her...

    It immediately used its tiny claws to grasp at Ning Xuemo's skirt, stating with a determined voice. "No, Little Apple will follow you!" Without further ado, they completed the contract.

    Only now did Ning Xuemo know that this little qilin actually had a name.

    'Ha? Little Apple?! Who gave it such a trendy name? It's a very modern name!'

    "Who named you?" Ning Xuemo asked with great interest.

    "I heard it was my mother."

    "You heard? You haven't seen your mother before?"

    The little qilin shook its head. "No. Not long after I was born, my parents passed away."

    'So, it's an orphan. What a pitiful child... Ah, no, what a pitiful qilin. It seems like divine beasts also kept up with naming trends...'

    'Maybe it was because it looked like a green apple, so its mother in a stroke of inspiration gave her son this pet name...'

    "Then how old are you now?" Ning Xuemo looked at its body which was the size of a small pony. It seemed like it was still a young qilin.

    "Not very old. Adding on the 1,000 years I spent trapped here, I'm only a bit over 2,000 years old..."

    The corner of Ning Xuemo's lips twitched. A 2,000-year old qilin was actually still a child?! As expected, the concept of age between a mythical beasts and a human could not be mentioned in the same breath.

    While this interspecies conversation was going on, Jiu Zun started circling around the ginseng fruit tree.

    Jiu Zun walked leisurely, as if this action was intentionally yet at the same time unintentionally. At times, he would toss a stalk of green grass or two on the ground. It was like he was playing around, casually tossing them everywhere.
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