Chapter 233 – She Was Very Pained (1)

    Chapter 233 - She Was Very Pained (1)

    This grass was a type of satintails, growing all around the clearing. It has emerald green leaves and, at most, would be 30 to 40 cm tall. It grew everywhere in clusters so it was not anything rare.

    Ning Xuemo looked at the green stalks of grass he was tossing and her mind stirred a bit! She could understand formations, so she could already see that he was not tossing them at random, but was silently laying down a formation...

    At this time, he and Ning Xuemo were grasshoppers on the same leaf, so naturally she would not reveal his tricks.

    There was only the little qilin and them in this place, right?

    Who was he to scheming so carefully against?

    Her gaze landed on that large ginseng fruit tree. Could it be that he wanted to deal with it?

    Once again, she looked at the grass in his hands and suddenly felt that they looked rather familiar. Lowering her head to look at the shoes she was wearing, she realised that her shoes were woven from this type of grass!

    These shoes made from woven grass were very comfortable. She wanted to take some grass back to weave a few more pairs later, and also, it won't make her time here be in vain.

    She squatted down to pluck grass.

    "Don't move!" Jiu Zun suddenly yelled.

    Ning Xuemo's hand paused, accidentally brushing against one of the stalks of grass. The grass looked incomparably soft but actually had a sawtooth like edge.

    The sound of something being cut was heard as a bloody wound split open on her white and tender fingers. Fresh blood dripped out as the wound sent her a burst of pain.

    She subconsciously used her other hand to grip onto her injured hand. Looking back at that grass, she could not help but widened her eyes.

    When the blood dripped onto the grass, it actually seeped into the grass quickly, as if it was being absorbed by the grass!

    This grass actually drinks blood!

    Ning Xuemo's finger was still hurting as blood continued to flow from the cut. In just a short moment, her other hand had been dyed in red. The amount of blood loss was clearly not small!

    'It's clearly just a tiny cut, so how could so much blood come out?! Could it be that the grass secreted a poisonous substance that acts as an anticoagulant or an antiplatelet?'

    When Ning Xuemo had decided to go into the mountains, she naturally brought various types of emergency medicine, like ointment for bruises and hemostatic drugs.

    Although after last nights battle, her clothes were dealt like trash by Jiu Zun, he had left behind all her medicines and tools and had already returned them to her. Right now they were all in the pouch of her sleeve.

    It was just that both of her hands were covered in blood, so she temporarily could not take it out. She half-squatted in front of Jiu Zun. "Come and help me take out my medicine." She had a medicine that is specifically for stimulating the formation of blood clots which would definitely be useful for stopping the bleeding.

    Jiu Zun paused. He had not been injured often, so he did not prepare nor carry around any ointment. Seeing that blood was flowing out of her tiny hand at a fast rate, he used a healing spell yet was unexpectedly unable to stop the blood flow. He had no other choice but to extend his hand inside her sleeve and search for the medicine.

    His hand unintentionally brush against her soft and tender skin as he fished out the medicine from her sleeve. The shock of the sudden sensation on his skin forced him to pause before he swiftly continued to take out everything from her sleeve and arranging them on the ground. "Which one?"

    Ning Xuemo indicated with her chin a light red medicine bottle. "That one."

    Jiu Zun picked up the bottle and pulled away the hand that she was holding before pouring all the medicinal powder that was in the bottle on it.

    "Hey, just a little bit would do..." Jiu Zun's movements were too quick. She had not finished speaking when the bottle was emptied.

    Ning Xuemo "..." She was extremely pained! This blood-clotting medicine was extremely troublesome to manufacture with the technology here and the process was not easy either. Back then, she had worked on it for 3 days before managing to manufacture half a bottle's worth. All that had been needed was a bean-sized amount, but now...
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