Chapter 234 – She Was Very Pained (2)

    Chapter 234 - She Was Very Pained (2)

    This medicine was effective. The blood stopped flowing almost as soon as the powder touched the wound.

    Jiu Zun looked at the bottle before looking at the wound on her hand and nodded. "This medicine is not bad, where did you get it from?"

    Ning Xuemo was feeling dispirited. "It's just something I made."

    "You know how to make medicine?" He thought that her medical skills were only a bit higher. He had personally seen her handle wounds and noticed that her movements were very practised.

    "Of course!" Ning Xuemo replied these two words before looking at the sharp edge of the grass. Shifting her gaze to her own shoes, she asked. "These shoes appear to be weaved from this type of grass, so why don't they cut my feet?"

    "The sharp edges were already dealt by benzun." Jiu Zun lightly cast another glance at her feet. "Otherwise, your feet would be a bloody mess by now!"

    'So, these shoes were personally weaved by Jiu Zun using this grass! I didn't think that this fellow had this kind of ability!'

    His status was so high, but to think that he could roast wild game and weave grass sandals. It really was out of her expectations!

    She couldn't help but glance at Jiu Zun a few times. As if he knew what she was thinking, Jiu Zun got up while tossing her this sentence. "Your shoes were made using a transformation technique. So don't think too much about it!"

    Even if it was made using a transformation technique, she still liked them. As long as they didn't turn into a bunch of grass while she was walking, Ning Xuemo didn't mind.

    Since it was inconvenient for her to bandage her wound with one hand, she simply presented her finger in front of Jiu Zun. "Here, help me bandage it."

    She was too used to ordering around her subordinates in her previous life, thus she didn't have any qualms ordering Jiu Zun around. She didn't even feel anything was amiss with her tone and attitude.

    Jiu Zun glanced at her. He felt that he had been indulging this girl a bit too much, so this time he ignored her and left.

    Little Apple stepped forward to volunteer. "Little Big Sister, let me do it." It rolled on the ground, wanting to take the opportunity to turn back into human form, yet it hadn't expected that after a few tries, it was still in its qilin form.

    'What's going on?'

    The little qilin blinked its eyes as it examined its body, its face filled with confusion.

    "No need to look anymore. Benzun has cast a spell on your body. You won't be able to take human form for the next 10 years." Jiu Zun's words gave the little qilin a nasty shock!

    "W-Why?" The little qilin was so angry it stuttered.

    "With your current strength, taking on a human form would only exhaust your cultivation. Besides, did you think benzun's conditions were a joke?"

    "How... how could you be like this?! I want to turn into a human..." The little qilin's eyes teared up again.

    Jiu Zun's right hand made a hand seal as he calmly gazed at it. "Stop crying! Haven't your elders ever taught you that a man can shed blood but not tears?"

    The little qilin was stunned. It seemed like Jiu Zun had hit a sore spot. "No one taught me! All they do is look down on me, calling me a bastard and mixed blood..." As it spoke, its voice was choked with sobs. "They all say I'm the jinx of the entire Qilin Clan, so they aren't willing to care about me. They even chased me out..."

    Ning Xuemo hadn't thought that the little qilin would have such a heartbreaking past. It seems like divine beast societies were the same as human societies, with all sorts of unfair treatments.

    She lifted her hand to pat its head. "Don't be upset. From now on, no one will bully you ever again." It was her first pet in this world. Furthermore, since their fates were intertwined, she would protect it!

    But Jiu Zun was disagreeable. His tone remained cold. "This is natural selection. If you want others to change their attitudes towards you, you have to get stronger. You have to rely on your own strength in order to make them listen!"
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