Chapter 235 – She Was Very Pained (3)

    Chapter 235 - She Was Very Pained (3)

    Little Apple gripped its little claws. "I wanted to become stronger! That's why I was searching for the ginseng fruit as if my life depended on it. I wanted to make them look at me properly!"

    "To be strong requires great effort! It's not about relying on luck and opportunities. With your innate talent, if you had relentlessly cultivated for 2,000 years, you would have already become an expert among your race by now instead of your current pathetic state!" Once Jiu Zun decided to discipline someone, he would never mince his words and leave the other party any face. His words caused the little qilin to be dejected and depressed. Besides, he was unable to refute Jiu Zun's words.

    As for Ning Xuemo, her heart was moved. Although Jiu Zun was a person of few words, it was undeniable he had the bearing and the skills of teacher...

    She patted the little qilin's head. "Little Apple, you're a male. No matter what, you have to appear manly. You need to rely on your own strength to make others respect you. Crying all day will only make them view you with contempt." After a pause, she continued. "I think you look nice in this form, so why do you insist on taking human form?"

    Little Apple lowered its head. "When the young children in my clan turn 1,000 years old, they are able to take human form. They also had someone to teach them... I, I had no one to teach me, but I didn't want to be worse than the others..."

    "Then... When they turn into humans, are their skins all like yours?"

    Little Apple's head lowered even more. "They all look more human-like... Their skin colors are the same as yours and they don't have any horns on their heads..."

    Ning Xuemo just realized that Little Apple's life story was similar to the main character in "Naruto". With both of his parents gone, Naruto was treated as a monster wherever he went while Little Apple was being treated as a bearer of ill luck... In their hearts, they thirsted for strength, ardently long to fit in with their people and gain acknowledgement of their clansmen. It was a pity that they simply used the wrong method to prove themselves...

    No wonder this little fellow was so sensitive and weak. It turned out it had grown up in this kind of environment.

    "I believe in you. I believe that one day you will stand at the peak of your clan and your clansmen will treat you as their glory! But you have to put in more effort into your cultivation." Ning Xuemo once again patted its head.

    Little Apple's eyes lit up. Its longing to be acknowledged by others was too strong!

    "I will definitely work harder!" The tears in its eyes had been replaced by determination. It was finally able to lift its head up again.

    This made Ning Xuemo happy. The little qilin was like a child, sensitive and fragile. Too much criticism would cause it to feel inferior to others. The effect of a few well-chosen praises was not bad. So it turned out she also had talent in teaching little children. Hahaha!

    Her ability to teach others wasn't any worse than a certain someone!

    Ning Xuemo gave a somewhat proud look at Jiu Zun.

    "Big Sister, it doesn't matter if I can't transform into a human. But in this form, I can't help you to bandage your wound." Little Apple was somewhat sorry, but suddenly he got struck by a bright idea. "How about I lick you? Qilin's saliva has very strong healing properties!"

    'That's right!' If a qilin's scale could completely regrow her skin, then perhaps its lick could immediately heal her wound without leaving any scar.

    Ning Xuemo immediately extended her injured finger in front of its mouth, "Come, lick it!"

    Her little finger was white and tender despite her palm having some callus. The shape of her hand was also perfect and beautiful. Her ten fingers were straight like spring onions and delicate like fine jade.

    Even if it had always held the humankind in contempt and also avoided them, Little Apple didn't hesitate when faced with this beautiful hand. It immediately stretched out its tongue to lick the injured finger.

    Its tongue had yet to reach her skin when the person in front of him suddenly staggered and distanced herself from its tongue...

    It raised its head in surprise, only to find Ning Xuemo was already standing right in front of Jiu Zun...
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