Chapter 236 – She Was Very Pained (4)

    Chapter 236 - She Was Very Pained (4)

    It raised its head in surprise only to find that Ning Xuemo was already standing right in front of Jiu Zun. Jiu Zun was using his left hand to hold her wrist in place while examining her wound. A faint green light was emitted from his right hand which enveloped her wounded finger.

    A moment later, her wound started to show signs of mending. Yet another moment later, only a faint scar was left which would eventually disappear shortly.

    As Ning Xuemo had been pulled over by him without any warning, she had wanted to get angry, but after seeing how he simply helped her heal her wound, she shut her mouth.

    She lowered her head to look at him. His long eyelashes were still lowered, and his face was expressionless, but he was still quite thorough in his actions.

    Her heart was touched by his care, and suddenly the urge of kissing him just hit her.

    She inwardly let out a sigh and endured this rather weird urge. She repeatedly told herself, he was just a little kid and looked too young...

    After her wound was dealt with, she opened her mouth to utter words of thanks. Then, she let the little qilin spray out some water from his mouth, so they could wash their hands. Afterwards, it circled around the ginseng fruit tree along with Jiu Zun as if it was taking a stroll.

    They both walked leisurely around the tree, but the little qilin ran out of patience after two rounds. "Where's the exit in the end?" 'Why are we circling around this thing?'

    "Shut up!" Jiu Zun strongly emphasized his words.

    The little qilin was rendered speechless and could only groan out its displeasure.

    An androgynous voice echoed inside his head saying, "Stupid thing! You were swindled by those despicable humans!"

    The little qilin heard the familiar voice of the ginseng fruit tree which he often heard in the past millennium. The ginseng fruit tree frequently used this voice to order the little qilin to do things for it. Since the little qilin needed to eat its leaves to survive, it never dared to go against the tree. However, to be used like that, the little qilin's heart has long been filled with extreme disgust toward the tree.

    Their conversation was directly transmitted inside his mind. Therefore, besides them, no one else could have hear their exchange.

    "I was not cheated! They will take me out of here. I don't want to continue eating your leaves!" The little qilin retorted inside his mind. It knew that this ginseng fruit tree must have heard their conversation.

    "None of you can get out! You have searched for the exit for the past millennium but did you find any exits? This place can only be entered. Be obedient and stay here. I can give you three leaves every day."

    "They said they have a way to go out... I don't want to eat your leaves again. It's so bitter!"

    "Do what I say. Team up with me... After they become my fertilizer, I can give you one of my fruits. Didn't you always want to eat one?"

    'This is actually a tempting proposal!'

    The little qilin couldn't help lifting his head to stare at the ginseng fruits hanging on the big tree. Each and every one of the fruit were lightly swaying on the branch, emitting an alluring fragrance. The little qilin discovered that the facial features on the fruits turned gentle as if they were gently beckoning it to eat them...

    It stomach rumbled as it salivated. Day and night, for a very long time, it has yearned for those fruits!

    Weren't all those dangerous encounters as well as being stuck here for a thousand years all for the sake of getting those fruits?

    The little qilin had withheld some information from Ning Xuemo. The truth was that he tried to steal the ginseng fruits using all kind of methods more than once, and countless times, it was hung on the branches, whipped, and starved. Once, it was even devoured by the tree as punishment. Although the tree only swallowed half of its body, the wounds felt as if blades nicked at its skin for an extremely long time...

    Right now, that once in a lifetime opportunity was right before its eyes. Should it take it or not?

    Its hesitation was clearly sensed by the ginseng fruit tree. The tree immediately continued to entice the little qilin, from coaxing to threatening, "If you persist with your wrong way by following them, there will be no more leaves for you to eat!"
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