Chapter 237 – Escaping From a Calamity (1)

    Chapter 237 - Escaping From a Calamity (1)

    "If you persist with your wrong way by following them, there will no more leaves for you to eat! I will let you starve to death and turn you all into fertilizer!"

    The little qilin shivered from fear as the ginseng fruit tree's voice continued to echo in his mind, "I am only sparing you on the account that you have accompanied me for a millennium. You should know what decision is best for you!"

    Abruptly, the little qilin's ire bursted out. "No, absolutely not! I'm not helping you! You only want me to remain here to use me to water you and give you nourishment! I remember you were only as small as a pine tree when I first came here. Your leaves were shaped like needles, and there were only two fruits, the size of a baby's fist, hanging from your branches."

    For a short moment, his mind became quiet, but all of a sudden a cold laugh was transmitted. "So what?! I am not the same as I was before. I could survive without you. As for you... without me you won't even last one month! I'm giving you 15 minutes to decide. If you cannot make up your mind, I will let you die together with them!"

    The little qilin didn't reply for a moment, then he asked, "What do you want to do in the end?"

    'Was it being swayed by my words?' The ginseng fruit tree was happily thinking inside. "Listen to what I'm going to say. Behind me to the northeast, some red fruits grow there. You will go harvest and give some to them to eat. Tell them that you eat them sometimes."

    "Are the fruits poisonous?"

    "There's no need for you to know. You only need to act according to my instructions. Give them the fruits to eat."

    The little qilin was silent for a moment, then said, "Don't you have a stronger skill? Don't you always use your tree roots to deal with me? Why don't you use the same method with them instead of using poison?"

    "Humph! What do you know?! That child is difficult to deal with! His punch had injured me..." The ginseng fruit tree's tone was filled with rancor. It seemed to realize its slip of tongue, so it quickly changed its tone to an amiable one. "You don't need to care about this. Just go and do what I told you! After this matter is concluded, I will give you one fruit!"

    "Is the red fruit highly toxic? Will the poison kill them?"

    "Humph! Of course! This is the most poisonous fruit in this world. One bite and they are dead. You can rest assured, before they die, I'll use a technique to annul the ten years contract you had with that human. I won't let you get harmed."

    "No! I cannot let you harm Little Big Sister! She's a good person!" The little qilin suddenly erupted in anger. "I will not help you! You bastard!"

    The ginseng fruit tree, "..." Its cold laughed rang sinisterly. "How surprising... You dare to raise your voice at me? You, little bugger! You don't want to live anymore?!"

    The little qilin recoiled, "No matter what, I won't help you! I also won't let you harm them! I don't want your rotten fruit! I want to use my own strength to cultivate!"

    The tree still wanted to say something, but it suddenly heard Jiu Zun's cold voice, "Little Apple, you're not so stupid after all. Come here!"

    His voice suddenly rang inside the little qilin's mind, causing it to tremble in fear as it obeyed Jiu Zun.

    At this moment, Jiu Zun and Ning Xuemo already returned to the tunnel entrance. Because the little qilin was busy conversing with the ginseng fruit tree inside its mind, it didn't realize until now that it was lagging far behind.

    It stopped motionlessly for a second before hurrying to their sides. It stared at Jiu Zun with its widened eyes. "You... You can hear my discussion with it?"

    Jiu Zun looked at it with contempt, "Nonsense!"

    The little qilin broke out in cold sweat. "I didn't listen to what it said! I have no thoughts of harming you..."

    "If you had listened to it, did you think you would still be alive right now?" Jiu Zun's voice dropped to absolute zero.

    The little qilin didn't dare say another word. It looked at Jiu Zun with fear etching deep inside his heart. 'In the end, just who is this Jiu Zun? How can he be this powerful?'
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