Chapter 238 – Escaping a Calamity (2)

    Chapter 238 - Escaping a Calamity (2)

    In order to express its goodwill, the little qilin once again spoke, "I'm very loyal to Big Sister. You saw it wanted to lure me with its fruits, but I refused..."

    "In the future, call her master!" Jiu Zun corrected how the little qilin addressed Ning Xuemo, then glanced out of the tunnel. The corner of his mouth raised in a faint mocking smile. "Do you think it bears real ginseng fruit?"

    His question also caused Ning Xuemo to be stunned. The little qilin widened his eyes in shock. "This is not a real ginseng fruit tree? But its appearance fits how it was described in the legends!"

    "This is a demon-face fruit. Only the appearances of the two fruits look similar. Consuming a ginseng fruit will extend your life and upgrade your cultivation, whereas eating a demon-face fruit would give you nothing." Jiu Zun's words revealed the real identity of that ginseng fruit tree.

    The little qilin was utterly dumbfounded. It spent a thousand years guarding and tending this tree only to discover in the end that it was unexpectedly a demon-face fruit tree.

    How vexing all of it was. This rotten tree not only exploited it, it also didn't let the little qilin eat its rotten fruits! Little Apple ate a big loss by being good to it: watering it every three days, weeding around it every two days and other tedious gardening tasks.

    Even if Ning Xuemo had not heard its conversation with the demon-face fruit tree, she could deduce the reason for its emotional upheaval from its conversation with Jiu Zun.

    She rubbed Little Apple's head and asked, "Poor baby, you were cheated by that rotten tree. Do you want to take revenge?"

    "I want to!" This time the little qilin's voice resounded.

    "Good!" Ning Xuemo stood up in a flash. "Then, suck out all of its moisture! Suck until it becomes dried up firewood!"

    The little qilin, "..."

    It began to hesitate because it once used that method to threaten the tree to give it the ginseng fruit. However, the only way it could do it was to be at close proximity of the tree. The distance couldn't exceed 15 meters. Last time, he came as close as 15 meters of the tree, but he was only able to complete half of his technique before he was completely trapped inside the big tree's range of attacks. The tree's roots caught him, and he was beat half to death...

    The little qilin told Ning Xuemo about his apprehensions. Ning Xuemo smiled and reassured him, "This time, there's no need to be afraid. Jiu Zun already put in place a fire array around it. When the array is activated, the demon tree's roots will be unable to attack you at that time."

    The little qilin's eyes shined as it looked at Jiu Zun. "Is it true?!"

    Instead of replying, Jiu Zun fixed his gaze on Ning Xuemo. Earlier when he was setting up the array, he didn't explain anything to Ning Xuemo. He never expected that she saw through his actions!

    Since everything was already prepared, there was no time to waste. Jiu Zun pointed and a charm appeared high into the air, which shot like a bullet toward the big tree.

    BOOM! Firewalls bursted out, surrounding the demon-face fruit tree.

    What happened afterwards allowed the little qilin to feel incomparably comfortable in its heart..

    The firewall contained the demon tree inside a certain radius. The demonic tree tried to fight off the firewall in vain and could only resigned itself to making threatening gestures without actually touching the firewall. Meanwhile, the little qilin crouched 10 meters away from it and did its best to absorb all the moisture from the tree.

    Its absorbing speed was extremely fast. It took less than two hours for the demon-face fruit tree to dry up as its leaves fell to the ground. Even its fruits were dried up like raisins, dropping to the ground.

    During those two hours, at first the demonic tree struggled, then it begged for mercy and followed by threatening them. It even tried to negotiate by offering the location of the true ginseng tree. Its voice sounded extremely mournful to the point that even an evil person would not remain unmoved from hearing it.

    Everything it did was to no avail against Jiu Zun and Ning Xuemo. They just sat by the tunnel entrance and simply watched the tree slowly drying up, slowly weakening, and finally, disappearing as it burned to ash inside the roaring flames.

    When the demonic tree let out a final lament before disappearing, Ning Xuemo couldn't help but observe Jiu Zun who sat next to her.
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