Chapter 240 – Escaping From a Calamity (4)

    Chapter 240 - Escaping From a Calamity (4)

    Ning Xuemo searched for a big boulder to sleep on. Her eyes were barely a slit as she was extremely tired! Since yesterday, she was continuously battling to the edge of her life and barely had any time to actually lie down and sleep for real. This place seemed to be safe. What more, she had the Monarch of Ten Thousand Beasts to guard her which allowed her to relax her tensed mind.

    Once she relaxed, she became aware that her body was sore and aching everywhere, and on the verge of breaking down. It absolutely needed rest in order to recuperate.

    As soon as she lied down, she slept. It didn't even take her half an hour to enter deep sleep...

    She slept almost as soon as her eyes shut.


    There is a saying that goes, "A boneheaded teammate can do you more harm than the most formidable opponent."

    Ning Xuemo would soon realize in due time that the expression was the most fitting to describe Little Apple.

    She made that fellow guard her an hour, but the result was that after a short moment of guard duty, it was already bored and it ran into the jungle to hunt!

    It left her like that, without even bothering to cover her nor conceal her hiding place while she was sleeping, leaving her defenseless.

    Although the 8th mountain is not as horrifically abnormal like the 9th mountain, it was still a place where dangers hid everywhere.

    Ning Xuemo had only rested for a short while when a magic beast rushed to her location after it discovered her scent...

    In front of the magic beast, the unguarded sleeping Ning Xuemo looked beautiful like a delicious meal. The 8th mountain was still considered a place where humankind rarely trespassed. Therefore, that beast, similar to most of its kind, never had the opportunity to see the creature called man.

    It was the first time it saw a human, so despite its instincts screaming, it still remained cautious in the face of that unknown creature. Step by step, it quietly approached the unsuspecting girl. Its movements were like a cat, light and graceful. Even its teeth were as sharp as a tiger...

    In a matter of second, it had already gotten closer to Ning Xuemo and was right in front of the boulder where she was sleeping on. It slowed down its pace.

    After observing Ning Xuemo for a moment, its mane slowly became erected as it crouched, ready to launch an attack on its prey.

    The picked up wind, whistling inside the cave as the magic beast rose. It pounced like lightning on Ning Xuemo!

    Even if her alertness was not high, Ning Xuemo was still a secret agent. Despite being asleep, her strong instinctive reaction to danger coupled with the sixth sense she developed through years of experiences kicked in. In crucial moments, her keen sixth sense had saved her life numerous times!

    By the time the magic beast launched itself at her, her instincts had overtook her body and response accordingly; her body abruptly rolled out of the way!

    She avoid in extremis the fierce jaw by throwing herself to the ground.

    Her actions were following her instincts. She rolled 18 more times before rising in one leap!

    Finally, she was able to clearly see the bastard that attacked her during her sleep.

    What she saw made her curse inwardly! It was a chimera. The truth is that was the first time she saw a ferocious beast that was a combination of four other animals!

    She once remembered watching an animated film where the protagonist used his abilities of eagle sight and leopard speed during his battle. Right now, fiction had become reality for her!

    There was 10 meters separating her from the chimera.

    It had the eyes of a eagle, a wolf's head, a leopard's body, a tiger's tail, and last but not least, a pair of eagle wings! The most frightening thing about it was its size, which was as big as a grizzly bear! As it stood there, it appeared like a small mountain. The surrounding temperature dropped lower from the sheer pressure of its tyrannical aura.

    A human and a beast, facing each other like enemies on a narrow path. No words were needed to illustrate their intents. The ferocious beast pounced and, immediately sent out a second attack.

    Ning Xuemo had no time to think as she did her best to survive with her life on the line.

    Even if the martial arts genius Ji Yunhuang was present, he would still have great difficulty restraining this magic beast from the 8th mountain, let alone Ning Xuemo who was only just a half-baked psychokinesis trash.
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