Chapter 241 – Did You Have Fun? (1)

    Chapter 241 - Did You Have Fun? (1)

    Though she only fought with the magic beast for a short moment, she could no longer count the number of times she brushed with death. If she didn't use the terrain to her advantage, and hadn't used some of the boulders in the cave as her shield, she would have long ago become food inside that monster's stomach!

    Despite the monster having a huge body, its movement was no less nimble than a leopard, not to mention its speed. With the addition of the wings, its body had mobility in the air and it could circle from high above. Considering that it could use its bird's eye view, it became exceedingly difficult for Ning Xuemo to hide herself from it. Several times, she narrowly escaped from under its claws with only a few ripped clothes as it swept down for her.

    Their one-sided fight became chaotic in the midst of the whirlwind of stones and dust. From time to time, boulders would be hurled into the air by the chimera. The boulders would then come crashing down with an earth-shattering sound. It was frightening to the point one's soul could fly away.

    "Little Apple! LITTLE APPLE!" While dodging the attacks with her life on the line, she screamed out for a certain unreliable qilin.

    When she first awoke and saw the monster, for a moment, she believed that the little qilin had been eaten by it. However once she felt their connection, she knew her conclusion was wrong!

    She had established a blood contract with the little qilin hence she could sense if he was still alive or not. What's more, she could even feel that at this moment, its mood was extremely happy.

    'This little bastard!' No need to guess, she knew it must have gone somewhere to have fun!

    "Roar..." Suddenly, in the the distance, a roar could be heard. The long roar was clear and melodious like a gentle wind blowing from the horizons.

    Right when the chimera who was crazily attacking Ning Xuemo heard that roar, its body suddenly shook uncontrollably and it halted its advance. It glanced in fear toward the direction of the roar. Suddenly, its tail lowered until it was between its legs. It no longer bothered to attack Ning Xuemo and ran away!

    "Roar..." The roar resounded again, but this time, the sound was much closer. A faint feeling of oppression could be sensed from the roar.

    The magic beast couldn't move. Its body was stiff from all the shiverings. It was obvious that it was afraid of what emitted the roar, so it didn't dare to try running away again.

    Ning Xuemo's heart stirred as her gaze lingered in the direction from which the roar came. From the depth of the jungle a blue silhouette dashed out like lightning to her side. In the blink of an eye, it was already landing on the pile of broken boulders.

    'Little Apple! This guy finally returned!'

    The moment the little qilin saw Ning Xuemo, it finally let out a sigh of relief. Its eyes quickly shifted to the magic beast, and step by step, it unhurriedly walked toward it.

    The chimera shivered all over in fright. It seemed as if it wished to retreat, but its legs went soft and it was rooted in place.

    The little qilin's body was clearly much smaller compared to it, but it acted like a rat meeting a cat and could only tremble in place.

    The little qilin simply raised its head and let out another roar. Its body flew toward the chimera as if he was treading on clouds. In an instant, it was already on the magic beast and abruptly slapped the chimera's head with its claw!

    The attack didn't do any damage to the magic beast's head, yet it still heavily fell to the ground. Once again, it legs moved to rise.

    The little qilin's mouth touched its forehead. It seemed like it was absorbing something as it let out a very satisfied expression.

    "Was it delicious?" Ning Xuemo asked while she sat down.

    "Delicious! Very delicious!" The little qilin nodded its head while instinctively replying.

    "Did you play to your heart's content?"

    "It was very fun! I ran to two little mountain peaks, captured three magic beasts. This kind of beast soul is way more delicious than the mushy leaves I ate before!" The little qilin was in high spirits as it spoke.

    "It seems like you are indeed the Monarch of Thousand Beasts and your ability is not small. You certainly can defend yourself and also had no need to follow by my side. After we leave this mountain range, let's part ways!" Ning Xuemo rose.

    The little qilin finally realized something was amiss. It hurriedly used its claws to grabbed her hem. "Master, are you angry?"
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