Chapter 242 – Did You Have Fun? (2)

    Chapter 242 - Did You Have Fun? (2)

    Ning Xuemo glanced at it coldly. She teared off the part where it was holding into, turned around and walked away.

    She didn't want him anymore?

    The little qilin panicked. Its body flashed and appeared in front of her, "Master, don't be angry. Little Apple knows Little Apple was wrong. Don't leave me..."

    It was with great difficulty that he found someone who was good to him.

    Ning Xuemo paid no heed to him like before. She moved around him and continued to walk away.

    "Master, master! Forgive me! I understand it was really my fault. I shouldn't have left you alone in here... I won't do it anymore..." Although the little qilin was immature, it was nevertheless smart. It knew it was in the wrong.

    Ning Xuemo stopped and looked at it sternly. "Little Apple. In this world, there aren't many that could be considered a true friend. Every one of them are priceless treasure. Since the moment we have established that contract, I already considered you a friend. The safety of a friend is the same as your safety. When you have the life of a friend in your hand, you should go all out to safeguard them. Earlier, if I didn't react quickly, my life would have ended here and yours might as well have too..."

    The little qilin lowered its head. "I was wrong..."

    That little guy was still a child mentally because no one taught him better. It didn't know what was right from wrong.

    Although Ning Xuemo was the leader of a secret service, her subordinates were all competent and didn't need her guidance. She only needed to give them a command and everything was set. Therefore, she wasn't too deft as a mentor, especially when it came to teaching children...

    Looking at the little qilin hastily drooping its head from her admonishing, she had a slight headache. She suppressed the anger flaring in her heart and took the opportunity to educate it her way of life. "You promise that you wanted to act as a guard. Since you made a promise, you have fulfill it. As they say a promise is worth a thousand gold..."

    The little qilin obediently stood there while listening to her lecture. From time to time, it rubbed its big head against her clothes.

    Even if Ning Xuemo had overflowing anger, it all been extinguished by its actions. In the end, she let out a sigh while glancing at it.

    Right now, that little guy was well-behaved. That big pair of eyes blinked at her when it heard her sigh. It still wanted to express itself, "Master, is there something else?"

    Ning Xuemo, "..."

    "Little Apple, I scolded you this much, don't you hate me?"

    Little Apple shook its head. "I don't hate you. In fact, I know what you said was for my own good... For the longest time, I wished to have someone who would say those things to me out of care, because... everyone else loathed me..." His tone was tainted with sadness as he spoke out those last few words.

    Ning Xuemo wasn't someone who could easily become softhearted. However, at this instant, seeing the little qilin's appearance, her heart could not help but soften. She raised her hand and stroked its head. "Don't feel sad. You still have me in the future."

    The little qilin raised its big head and blinked at her. "Then you will forgive me?"

    "Don't make the same mistake in the future!"

    "Yes! I will not repeat the same mistake again." The little qilin vowed.

    Ning Xuemo couldn't stop rubbing its head.

    "...It's like you're my mother." The little qilin continued to rub its head against her hand.

    Ning Xuemo, "..." She felt as if she was struck by thunder!

    Even in her previous world, she was only 22 years old, where in the world did she suddenly gain such a big child?! This brat's wild talk is a horror story for her!

    "You said that you never saw your mother, right?" Ning Xuemo inquired.

    "Yes. I never saw her. Well, the truth is I must have seen her, but I was really young at that time, so I don't remember much about her." There was some regret in its tone. Its beautiful big eyes examined Ning Xuemo as he continued, "It's just that I felt that a mother should possess the kind of beautiful atmosphere similar to yours. When I do something wrong, you scold me. If I did something good, You praise me..."
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