Chapter 249 – Ah? What a Coincidence! (1)

    Chapter 249 - Ah? What a Coincidence! (1)

    Her past was similar to the little qilin, but compared to it, she was more fortunate. At least, she once experienced the unconditional love of a parent and still remembered their appearance. Whereas the little qilin was much more miserable, as it didn't even know what its parents looked like.

    She patted its horn and said, "My parents had also passed away. Both of us are similar, both meeting setbacks in a foreign land."

    Immediately, the little qilin tried to curry her favor by rubbing her with its horn. "Then, in the future, let's help each other..."

    Suddenly, a bright idea hit him. It darted its big and bright eyes on Ning Xuemo. "Master, how about... how about you become my mother?"

    Ning Xuemo, "..." Her mind short-circuited by the thunderous words!

    "Little Apple, I'm only 13 years old and you? You're more than 2,000 years old! Even if you have yet to mature, you can't confuse me with your mother. I even feel terrified every time you call me big sister..."

    The little qilin drooped its head. "I know, but I always felt that you were like my mother. It made me want to be close to you..."

    Ning Xuemo repeatedly waved her hands. "Little Apple, what you feel is extremely wrong! I am completely human without a drop of qilin blood running through my veins. No matter how, it's impossible for me to be even similar to your mother. My soul doesn't belong to this era and a previous life doesn't exist. Granted that it does exist, considering the difference in time, it would also be impossible for me to be the reincarnation of a qilin..."

    "My mother is not a qilin, only my father is..." The little qilin refuted.

    "What is your mother then?" 'Is Little Apple a crossbreed?'

    "I don't know..." The little qilin shook his head, dejected. "I don't know. Everyone didn't breathe a word about my mother. I only heard them say she was a malicious woman, but I believed that my mother is a good person. She's absolutely not a bad person..."

    In a child's eyes, their father and mother are the best people; they could not tolerate anyone bad mouthing them.

    The little qilin was also the same. It would beat up anyone who says its mother is bad.

    It came to the point that he would pick a fight everywhere in the clan, causing him to lose all his playmates, and in the end, he was even driven out...

    Ning Xuemo clearly understood his mind, so she stroked his horn to comfort him.

    She gazed at the crystal chains and nodded with a sigh. "Whoever made this crystal coffin must be a person with a refined artistic sense. I never expected that it was possible to play a tune with these chains. Huh? There's a crack on the coffin lid!

    Her keen observation skills helped her spot the presence of the crack. As she observed some more, the crack formed the image of a tree, a tree with swaying branches and leaves.

    'Don't tell me that the mechanism to open the coffin is linked to this tree?'

    Ning Xuemo lowered her head and carefully studied the "tree". Her whole attention was concentrated on the coffin cover, so she didn't notice the eyelashes of the red-clothed man slightly trembling, like fluttering butterfly wings.

    Her fingers traced the tree at first. Then, she used her palm to gently stroke it. The motionless red-clothed man's palms were pressed on the tree. As Ning Xuemo continued to stroke along the crack, her palms overlapped with his; only the transparent coffin lid separated their palms.

    Of course, Ning Xuemo noticed his hands: a pair of perfectly shaped hands endowed with long and slender fingers, setting a glaring contrast on the crystal, like some kind of sparkling and translucent mutton fat jade.

    'Such beautiful hands!' If she had those hands, she could work as a hand model in her world.

    'Oh! This person's looks are also not bad. He has the qualities to be a teen idol: facial features look as picturesque as a painting, adding to an androgynous appearance.' If Ning Xuemo didn't see his Adam's apple and noticed his tall height, she would have believed she was looking at a beautiful girl...

    'While he was alive, this person could be an evildoer that could collapse a country and ruin people. With such beauty, who knows how many hearts he broke.'

    'Tsk! Tsk! To die at such a tender age, what a pity!'
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