Chapter 250 – Ah? What a Coincidence! (2)

    Chapter 250 - Ah? What a Coincidence! (2)

    As she looked at the zither, an idea suddenly popped inside her mind. She blurted out, "This man doesn't happen to be the infamous devil ancestor in the legend right?!"

    The little qilin's body trembled. "No, it shouldn't be possible, right? I mean, how could a devil ancestor be buried in such a desolate place? What's more, this tomb is also very simple and crude."

    Ning Xuemo's brain was processing at full power all the information she had on that devil ancestor, but no matter how much her brain dug into her memories, the amount of information she had on that person was scarce.

    This Devil Ancestor was also known to be an extremely secretive being. Whether that person was a man or a woman still remained a mystery...

    All the records pertaining to the person itself barely contained any words. There weren't any clear physical characteristics described. The records merely mentioned the Devil Ancestor's fondness for luxury, residing in a sumptuous compound decorated ostentatiously with glittering jewels and treasures...

    Therefore, when that person died, the inside of the tomb should be filled with pearls and jewels everywhere, completely opposite from the sad state of this present tomb.

    If that person was buried in a hurry, it was certainly impossible to leave this precious zither beside the corpse, let alone to prepare so many priceless objects like the crystal coffin engraved with such a vivid and lifelike design and those oil candles burning day and night without extinguishing for centuries...

    From the gentle expression on the man inside the coffin, it didn't seem like he was forcefully sealed inside. Rather, it felt like he was solemnly buried.

    If she extrapolated, the person inside this coffin shouldn't be the Devil Ancestor.

    After coming to a conclusion, she returned to her task, examining the decorative design on the coffin for half a day. She tried several methods to pry the lid open but to no avail.

    The little qilin started to get a bit impatient. It has already been at least six hours since they came inside this tomb!

    It really wanted to go outside to breathe in some fresh air! It hasn't played enough!

    He was bored staying idle, so it started to wander around the hall in search of a way out.

    Unfortunately, after wandering for half a day, it still couldn't find any holes to get out of here.

    Then, its sight landed on the chains. 'Do these chains have something to do with the mechanism to open the exit?'

    It pressed itself down to the ground, then sprang and soared into the air toward the ceiling shrouded in darkness.

    The ceiling of the hall was quite high. Fortunately, the little qilin's jumping skill was not lacking. Quickly, without breaking a sweat, it reached the ceiling.

    The ceiling had a smooth dome shape, and the chains passed through the apex of the dome, extending beyond the dome. In the end, it was unknown where those chains led to.

    The ceiling of the hall didn't offer any footholds. The qilin had no choice but to use its four claws to cling on the crystal chains, causing the chains to rock from one side to another. The whole hall burst into cacophonous jingles.

    There was no rhyme nor tempo, only discordant sounds which was very unpleasant to the ears. The little qilin was afraid that Ning Xuemo would hate it for making too much noise, so he hurriedly bit on the chains to make them stop swaying!

    "Crack!" Its hard like diamond teeth, which can bite through anything, bit on the crystal chains. Unexpectedly, under the strength of its bite, the chains didn't break. Instead, its canine was stuck in the chains...

    It tried to extract its tooth from the chains, but the chain wouldn't bulge and it even felt a pain like it was sliced by a knife. The pain made him whimper before discovering an extremely strange situation.

    From the place it had bitten the chain, a thread of blood flowed out!

    'Oh, no!' Its tooth was bleeding! 'Wait, no!' It's that weird crystal chain sucking out his blood!

    Little Apple is a water qilin, the same as the other qilin. Although his body is mostly composed of water, it didn't have much blood.

    A qilin's blood was immensely precious; a drop can revive a dead person from his flesh to his dead bones. Therefore, the little qilin often cried but never bled, since its tears were of little value compared to its blood.

    At this moment, when it saw its blood snaking down the crystal chain, it was beyond frightened and couldn't stop itself from screaming, "Master! MASTER!!'

    Ning Xuemo was studying the tree on the crystal coffin's lid and from the start didn't notice the little qilin's antics.
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