Chapter 251 – Ah? What a Coincidence! (3)

    Chapter 251 - Ah? What a Coincidence! (3)

    She only treated it as being mischievous when it jumped up and rocked the chains disorderly, so she didn't deem it necessary to pay attention to it.

    At this moment, when she heard its mournful cry, she lifted her head and saw a thread of blood meandering down the crystal chain. She jolted in fright.

    Her figure rose, fast and nimble like a monkey, and she climbed to where the little qilin was hanging from in the blink of an eye. When she saw the little qilin's appearance, she happily laughed, "What were you doing, biting on the chains?"

    "Master, quickly break this terrible chain! It's sucking my blood!" The little qilin's four limbs were shivering from fear.

    "Who told you to bite it like a fool?!" Ning Xuemo patted its head. The little qilin was very naughty, so she should first let it learn its lesson.

    There was nothing to be surprised about as its tooth broke when it bit on the chains, thus causing it to start bleeding. The reason why is because it wasn't strange at all that it could be somehow damaged from biting into the unexpectedly hollow crystal chains.

    "Master, it's really absorbing my blood because it's impossible for my blood to flow out so quickly! I can feel it sucking it... Waaaaah~! Wuuuuh~! I'm going to die...!" The little qilin started to cry again with its tooth still stuck in the chains. His speech sounded like a little kid with a missing tooth.

    Ning Xuemo had long taken out her dagger. Although the crystal chains were a cultural relic, she couldn't keep it intact if it involved her little qilin's safety.

    "Cling!" She used all her strength to slash the dagger through the crystal chain, but contrary to her expectations, her weapon bounced off upon impact, causing her whole arm to shake and became numb.

    Crystal is a material that it is quite fragile and could break easily just from being dropped onto the ground. The sheer force she used should have broken it into pieces. Even if it was normal steel, it would have been sliced off. However, to those thin and delicate crystal chains, what she did had no effects whatsoever.

    The little qilin let out a painful shout, hurt by the shaking of the chains. Its blood spilled out even quicker. Ning Xuemo looked at it helplessly when she saw that its blood had reached the crystal coffin, seeping through the crack on the coffin lid and dripping onto that person's palms...

    'Such a queer coffin! Perhaps even the person inside is an eccentric!'

    'It couldn't be that the person inside was some kind of vampire?!'

    "Save me... Master... I... I'm going to die..." The little qilin's body was shaking uncontrollably. Its four limbs were continuously clawing the chains. Judging from the rate of the blood was flowing, it would only take 15 minutes before it will die from blood loss!

    Ning Xuemo promptly made a decision, "Little Apple, endure a bit!" Her dagger flashed as it entered the little qilin's mouth, directly stabbing into its gums and nimbly prying off its tooth.

    The little qilin let out a miserable shriek as Ning Xuemo pulled out the tooth that brought disaster to the little qilin!

    A short moment after the tooth was separated from the Little Apple, it stopped bleeding completely. Not a single extra drop could be seen flowing out.

    "My tooth..." The little qiling looked at its tooth deeply embedded into the crystal chain with an extremely forlorn expression.

    "A tooth can still grow back. If it doesn't grow back, when we return home, I'll make you a denture. It is not suitable to stay any more longer in this place. Let's us leave quickly!" Ning Xuemo patted the little qilin's head, then hopped down first.

    Naturally, the little qilin didn't dare to remain there and followed soon after.

    As soon as they both reached the ground, they heard sounds coming from inside the crystal coffin. The crack shaped into a tree was completely dyed red with Little Apple's blood. Suddenly, the coffin lid started to slide open!

    The phenomena continued, the coffin lid began to slide to the side, as if there was invisible hand pushing it. The red clothed man inside the coffin slowly sat up.

    'A zhashi[1]?!'

    The scales on the little qilin practically stood on their ends!

    Ning Xuemo tightly grasped her dagger, readying herself for combat and was beginning to think about taking the initiative to stab him with her dagger!

    [1] It's not really a zombie. There's a superstition in China that when one died, at times, there could be one breath remaining or leftovers spirit inside the corpse. If a cat or a mouse collided against that kind of corpse, it could caused a fake resurrection. The corpse would have sudden movements like sitting up. It could even started chasing after anything to bite like a mindless wild beast until the remained breath is spend, then would it dropped dead for real.
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