Chapter 253 – Like Flowers in Full Bloom (1)

    Chapter 253 - Like Flowers in Full Bloom (1)

    A sinister glint flashed through the man's eyes. "Why would you feel like that?" The look in his eyes returned to being clear and pure like the gleaming reflection of the sunlight on water, making people feel like they wanted to drown inside them.

    Ning Xuemo smiled lazily, "Then tell me, who are you?"

    "I am..." The red clothed man choked on his words but immediately smiled, "I almost got tricked by a little girl like you. Why would you want to know who I am?"

    Ning Xuemo shook her head, "I'm not the least bit interested in knowing who you are."

    "Truly regrettable!" The man little shook his head, "Then, I still need to let you choose what kind of death you want."

    "Although we saved you, we don't particularly want you to repay us. We should each mind our own business and also act as we don't know each other. How about it?" Ning Xuemo spoke out her request.

    From a glance, that man looked like an harmless ordinary person. Although he was wearing a smile on his face, his whole body was emitting an extremely overbearing and frightening aura. It was the type of terrible aura that someone who could happily converse while killing millions of soldiers would have. These kinds of people are often unreasonable. Therefore, Ning Xuemo was retreating from this dangerous situation.

    "No way!" That man shook his head. "If I let you go I would be breaking my oath."

    "What oath?" Ning Xuemo started to have a very bad feeling.

    The red clothed man slowly walked until he was in front of the crystal coffin. His long and slender jade-like fingers lightly touched the coffin lid. "Good, then. I will let you die with clear knowledge. Also, there's no harm in telling you. I was trapped inside this coffin for a least 2,000 years. While waiting for someone to discover this place, I swore inside my heart; anyone who rescued me within this 1,000 years, I will give that person unimaginable wealth and turn him into the world's richest man. However, no one came..."

    Ning Xuemo, "..."

    The red clothed man sighed once again, "A thousand years passed by, I made another oath : if anyone can save me within this next millennia, not only would I give that person riches, I can give that person the most revered position and serve that person as my master, obeying all their orders. Regretfully, like before, no one came to rescue me..."

    "However, after that thousand years, you were filled with anger and swore once again that if anyone saved you, you would kill them! The only thing permitted was letting that person pick their death?" Ning Xuemo completed his reply.

    An expression of surprise flashed through his eyes, "Not bad, little girl, you are really clever. Surprisingly, you can guess the truth."

    Ning Xuemo inwardly rolled her eyes. 'What's so difficult about guessing that? This kind of story is almost a carbon copy to a certain foreign fairytale about a certain legendary magic bottle[1]!'

    When she was a child, she only laughed at those fairytale stories. Never did she expected that after transmigrating, it was like reality met with fiction! Indeed, fairytales must be based on reality in the end.

    "Since you already guess it correctly, it will save me from explaining further. Now, you can choose your death. You should know that when I make an oath, I will never violate it." The man lazily leaned on the crystal coffin. He looked at Ning Xuemo like she was already a dead person.

    Ning Xuemo stared at the crystal coffin while she was continuously cursing in her mind!

    'If only that thing could reseal that man like the magic bottle did with the evil genie, it would be so great!' Even if it could, she would still need to find the opportunity to trick him into entering the coffin before she could seal this scourge forever until the end of time! Nevermind, with the current state of the coffin, even if she could dupe him to return inside the coffin, she wouldn't be able to seal him anyway!

    'What should I do?'  What should she do right now?

    Her mind brainstormed all kind of escaping methods, but at this moment, there seemed to be no reliable method of survival.

    [1] It's story about a fisherman who fished out a bottle containing a genie. The evil genie wanted to kill him as soon as he opened the bottle to free the genie. The reason being that he was stuck in there so longer that he became angry and want to kill the first person who free him. The evil genie was then duped into returning into the bottle and sealed again. The End.
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