Chapter 254 – Like Flowers in Full Bloom (2)

    Chapter 254 - Like Flowers in Full Bloom (2)

    The little qilin was furious, "This is the first time I've heard this kind of oath! If you think you can kill us easily, think again! As to which one of us will die, it still needs to be seen!" It charged straight at the red clothed man.

    However, Ning Xuemo's mind was alarmed!

    Despite the man speaking so many superfluous words, he still didn't appear to make a move and continued to observe their reactions. The little qilin completely revealing his true feelings was likely to end up in a miserable state!

    She also had second thoughts on taking the initiative to attack. The red clothed man didn't even dodge the qilin's attack. He simply lifted his sleeve and a pale golden light was sent out from his palm, directly shooting toward the little qilin's head. The instant it was near Little Apple, the pale golden ray transformed into a sharp sword.

    Ning Xuemo and Little Apple couldn't even form a single strand of psychokinesis, but that man is able to? 'That is so unfair!'

    Ning Xuemo shouted loudly, "Duck to the right!" Simultaneously, the dagger in her hand flew out at lightning speed, directly colliding against the golden illusionary sword!

    "Clang!" Ning Xuemo's very sturdy dagger turned to powder in an instant, scattering to the ground.

    'My dagger!'

    Her heart was in pain from losing her dagger.

    Fortunately, because of her timely shot, the little qilin was able to evade that pale golden demonic sword and escape the fate of having its head bloom into a crimson flower.

    Ning Xuemo's dagger couldn't completely block the golden sword attack. After part of the golden ray collided with the dagger, the remaining light continued to chop down toward the stone wall where the little qilin stood earlier.

    "Rumble! Rumble!" More than half of the stone wall collapsed from the impact. Countless crushed stones tumbled in a thunderous sound!

    The little qilin broke out in cold sweats!

    If Ning Xuemo didn't warn him, its head would have been chop off!

    Perhaps, without even getting the chance to make a move, the little qilin would have been cut in two!

    With one casual wave from him, such formidable might was sent out! No wonder he could act so arrogantly, asking them to choose how they want to die...

    'Could it be that he really is the Devil Ancestor from the legend?'

    The little qilin continuously retreated back but didn't dare to blindly attack its opponent.

    It tried to circulate its psychokinesis. 'Damn it!' Not even a shred could be used just like earlier!

    It seemed like today was an inauspicious day for him and its master! If it knew earlier, it would not have urged its master to play that chain-like guqin...

    The little qilin severely regretted its actions.

    "Little girl, your ability is not small. To be able to block part of my attack, what a surprise!" The man stared at Ning Xuemo with an elegant smile, "It's a bit regretful that I have to kill you."

    "Since there are regrets, isn't better to just not kill?" Ning Xuemo also smiled, but her heart was filled with uncertainty. However, nothing in her expression could hint about her fears and nervousness.

    "Unfortunately, that won't do. I have always fulfilled the promises I make." The red clothed man shook his head, his tone gentle, as if he was helpless in front of this situation.

    "So to speak, you must absolutely kill us today?" Smiling at him, Ning Xuemo directly sat one of the stones that had tumbled down near her.

    "I'm afraid it is so." The red clothed man lightly sighed. His eyes slightly shifted from her to the little qilin. "Ah! My oath is to kill the one who rescued me. If there are two of you, I only need to kill one..."

    Little Apple's and Ning Xuemo's heart skipped a beat at the same time. That man's smile was like flowers in full bloom. "So, tell me. In the end... who saved me?"
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